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Most of the memorials under my management are soldiers from WWI and WW2, the Spanish Civil War, and city cemeteries in the Russian Federation.

I will keep ownership of memorials of my family members that I'm qualified to keep pursuant to Find A Grave policy.

Photo Policy: All grave photos from me are released to the public domain. This means no copyright is attached to the photos and anyone is free to use them.

Memorials of Children: Parents or close family of a child that have passed away sometimes come across their child's memorial on Find A Grave. Usually, it doesn't bother anyone, but I can understand how it can be unsettling to close relatives that doesn't understand how Find A Grave works. If you are a close relative of a memorial for a child and prefer the memorial to be deleted, please just send a message, it will be deleted.

But instead of deletion, I recommend you ask to take ownership of the memorial so you can keep control over it. A deleted memorial will only be created again by another Find a Grave member, perhaps one that will be less willing to delete it or let you have control over it. Memorials are created using public sources of information, people that pass away have no privacy rights, and Find a Grave is designed to be an international database of disposition information for deceased people. Information is imported from public databases and obituary records. Please don't take it personal if you find your child's grave memorial record on this service.

Despite what is occasionally claimed, records of any deceased person are lawful on Find A Grave and doesn't constitute a privacy violation by law. Burial information is not private, but it is public information, and deceased people don't have a legal privacy right.

I will transfer individual memorials to any interested person (except children's memorials, which should only be available to transfer to family) that wishes to manage them. I know many people on Find A Grave like to manage as many memorials as possible, but my goal is to establish records of memorials, not manage them. I don't limit transfers to the requirements of Find A Grave. If you want me to transfer memorials in bulk, you just need to have some basic legitimate interest in the management of the memorials beyond the desire to increase your number of managed memorials. For example: Cemeteries managing memorials in abeyance, local genealogist managing memorials from his home area, nonprofit organization managing memorials for soldiers buried in a particular cemetery.

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