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Thank you Zinger for sponsoring 1st Lt.Chas.Hammond memorial We remember those who fought and died for their country.

Memorial "Naming Conventions" : Non-famous Memorials.
If a hyphen, period or an apostrophe is part of the name, use the punctuation. If the full name is known, use the full name and not the initial. Suffixes, Prefixes, Titles, or honorary do not belong in any Name Field.

FIRST NAME of the deceased. Put the entire first name (if known), even if the grave marker is only an initial. Do not include titles or other prefixes in the First Name field.
Middle name of deceased. Put the entire middle name (if known), even if the grave marker is only an initial.
A familiar name of the deceased, if known; the nickname is automatically placed in quotes. A nickname is different from the real name (first or middle).
MAIDEN NAME of a married individual, if known (otherwise leave blank); the maiden name is automatically italicized and is only used if the individual was married and took the spouse's last name as their new last name. If the deceased was never married, then the last name is placed in the Last Name field, NOT in the Maiden Name field.
LAST NAME as you would find it on the tombstone, if the interred had more than one marriage or other possible spellings, place this information in the bio and use the family links. Do not include honorary or other suffixes in the Last Name field.

Mark Curator - Geographer
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Posted October 13, 2017
Cemetery records are notorious for misspellings.
Go with what is on the marker unless a primary source document states otherwise.
Primary Source Documents
Name and Birth Date : Birth Certificate or Family Bible if prior to Birth Certificates.
Name and Death Date : Death Certificate or Family Bible if prior to Death Certificate
(note: I have come across instances of errors in primary sources in my own family documents. Yandeau)
EDITS: I expect YOU to do the research. Sending an edit means, you know exactly that your info is correct because you have done your homework and can provide the source to prove it.
PLEASE MAKE USE OF ALL OF THE FEATURES OF EDIT. It covers just about everything and makes things easier & faster.
For those who want to frustrate me, by not using edit, and providing extra work for me .... go ahead and make my day!

GRAVE UNDERTAKINGS :) Am compiling dupes (my own included) with both maiden ; married names, in many cemeteries in SIMCOE CO. The New dupe remover feature is great and saves time.
Quiz: What Is A Deduper you ask?
Answer: choose from
1. A program to straighten out a person who dupes another person's memorial, by passing off a gr gr gr gr gr grandparent as their grandparent in a transfer request?
2. A dance from the 40's.
3. A shrink's couch
4. A program that erases and erases dupes like a rabbit making carrots disappear in Mr. MacGreggor's carrot patch.
1. A memorial with a lookalike.
2. A memorial with an alter ego
1. The computer made me do it.
2. I like making them because it gives different points of view.
3. It's my family not yours
4. I want them to be together with mine.
When it's my relative!
No.1. is my favorite & shamefully admit to using it a few times, after deleting and being sent to the corner.
CHALKING STONES. It has a name .... VANDALISM. It's a Crime and You can be charged. So someone chalks the numbers on your house so they can better read them, OR Someone chalks your vehicle's licence plates because they are old and barely readable. OR Someone thinks it's great to chalk your neighbour's house with graffiti. OR.......Well, you get the picture.
One remote northern Canadian town recently meted out punishment for such an offence. The town folk grabbed an unsuspecting chalker in the act. The unruly mob then proceeded to strip off his shirt etc. etc. etc. and chalk his entire person with brilliant hues of purple, orange and lime green. Then, paraded him , wearing a billboard sign listing his actions, around the town square, thus hoping to embarrass him enough to stop his nefarious deeds.
Unfortunately, being an attention seeker, he loved it and chalked even more.
The next time, they quickly slapped a $5000. fine and sent him on his way.
The town's cemetery board then posted a large sign at the cemetery entrance, reading. " Your chalking isn't funny , so you're gonna lose some money.
$5,000.00 to be exact. How do you like that !"
Of course it's a true story, would I lie?
Any person who, damages or moves any tree, plant, marker, fence, structure or other thing usually erected, planted or placed in a cemetery is liable to the cemetery owner and any interment rights holder who, as a result, incurs damage.
[ R.S.O. 1990, c. C.4, s. 78 (1). ONTARIO CEMETERY ACT]

I do not link to them.

Please State:
Without this I will not respond.... Now this gets tricky. a few, skip and jump over the guideline bit and give rebuttals ... (not to be confused with butterscotch candies with a splash of rum flavouring).
I would love those.
So, yeah yeah I know, I'm in it for the numbers..... a selfish, possessive, miserly, pea picking, memorial hoarder, enjoys dangling candy in front of a salivating baby, ( I did that once), and the scourge of all those who have a magnificent bio for ? X gr Grandma Perkins, who died in 1700, which usually reads .... Grandma Perkins died in 1700.
So, I plead guilty, guilty, mea culpa ........ sigh!
Most common accusations I get for not transferring is "You're just in it for the numbers!
My Response is, (While, deliriously jumping up and down.) Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh yes! More! More! More!
Oh when, oh when, will I make the top 50 list, (laughing maniacally), as the men in the white coats take me away.

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