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PLEASE READ HELP [WITH FIND A GRAVE] & Discussion Forums. Some points that seem frequently missed (and therefore cause upset to those coming to this site from a genealogy perspective);

This is a grave registration site. While it can have wonderful genealogical benefits, the primary mission is Not genealogy (there are other sites devoted to that). It is to find, record and [accurately] present final disposition information. #1 is to FIND. Burial locations are not to be guessed at and "Burial details unknown" is not a catch all for everyone who you don't know where they're buried. I will not link to such memorials, nor to any memorial entered against Findagrave rules. This is FIND a grave. It loses all value if you don't do the work.

Contributors don't own memorials. We manage them, according to rules set by Admin (which can and do change!). Admin determines how info is to be entered and what is ok to post, so please do not attack, insult or attempt to debate the rules. "Rude" will be ignored or reported. If you disagree with a rule, take it up with Admin. Managers are not obligated to add bio's and other optional info, but if they won't correct an actual error, send the matter to Admin.

Due to the many times obit rules have changed, I will no longer post obits (neither as scans nor the verbatim text in the bio section). If you want to send obit info, please send it in the form of "extractions" and include the paper name and date. FAGs approval of "indexing" from obits is not an approval to post actual obits. FAG doesn't control those copyrights.

Names are not entered in all Caps, nor with quotes, parenthesis, slashes or hyphens (unless the person actually hyphenated their name). The search engine will not hit on most such creatively entered names (rather defeating the point of FIND a grave).

The above and much more is addressed under Help and in Discussion Forums.
MANY THANKS to those who have added photos, contributed whole cemeteries or walked cemeteries recording &/or photographing. For some, I don't know how you find the hours in a day! Know that your work is greatly appreciated. In one case, since being photographed, virtually all stones in our small family cemetery have been destroyed. Thankfully, they are preserved on Findagrave.

I am happy to add info & links and make transfers within guidelines. Under special circumstances, I MAY make out of guidelines transfers, but am unlikely to do so if you manage many more memorials than you've added or contributed photos to. The goal should be to contribute, not just collect.

If you've set your profile so you can't be contacted, then please don't contact me or post anything on memorials I manage. It is frustrating to receive SAC's with incorrect or insufficient information, or to find recent obits posted, wrong or redundant headstones, flower with correction suggestions (not the correct format), etc. and not be able to contact the individual, leaving me only the options of 1) ignoring the SAC, 2) letting improper or misleading items remain or 3) deleting and re-entering the memorial. Communication is a better option.


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