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Please, don't take it personally, my message board is turned off because I'm getting memorial updates and transfer requests, and they are going to my trash/SPAM, and I won't ever see them. Please go directly to the memorial to request a transfer based on Find a Grave's guidelines. Remember to include YOUR relationship.

I try not to send messages to your Find a Grave page. Why? There's no way to search past messages, and I can't send a copy to myself for future reference.

You found someone on Find a Grave because volunteers created a memorial from an obituary, walked a cemetery, or from an online source. Many memorials were created and researched by someone who cared enough to spend the time to make it as complete as possible. Appreciation and a thank you go a long way.

Looking to get more involved? Consider stopping by a cemetery near you, taking some quality photos to upload to Find a Grave. Who knows you might get hooked.


I WELCOME all edit requests.

One day it won't matter how many memorials we manage on Find a Grave, when the time comes our name will be added to Find a Grave, and the memorials we manage will eventually be managed by someone else.

I developed an interest in genealogy after a family reunion. It started with just my family and now extends beyond. In my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined spending so much time in cemeteries photographing headstones throughout the United States.

Thank you to those of you who submit edit requests. Your time and effort are truly appreciated. I try to provide an explanation when I'm forced to decline an edit request, it just seems like the respectful thing to do.

Enjoy your Find a Grave experience!



Declining valid edit requests just because you can, or out of spite, are immediately reported to Find a Grave.
When you post a photo please include who is in the photo. YOU may know, but when you are gone others may not, so let's not leave people guessing. This includes the name and date of the newspaper.
Find a Grave is not a genealogy website, so "proper case" is considered correct, ALL CAPS is not correct.
Former spouse's surname does not belong in the maiden or middle name fields. It's misleading and inaccurate.
Alternate spellings are to be entered in the bio, not in one of the name fields.
I follow Find-A-Grave's guidelines regarding the transfer of memorials.
Transfer requests: Please explain exactly how you are related to the person.
One request per memorial. I do not transfer based on whether they are in 'your family line'. We ALL have a family line.

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