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STOP posting social security numbers on Find a Grave!

First, are you curious about Find a Grave and the dos and don'ts? The following information should help you navigate the site a bit easier. a) Find a Grave Help; b) Naming Convention; c) Terms and Conditions; d) Community Rules; e) Privacy Statement; and second, enjoy Find a Grave as much as I do!

If you still have questions, consider visiting the Forums specifically, Ask the Community, where experienced members answer "How do I ... ?" Scroll to the bottom of this screen and click on Forums to join.
I developed an interest in genealogy after a family reunion. It started with just my family, and now extends beyond. In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined spending so much time in cemeteries photographing headstones throughout the United States.

Thank you to those of you who submit edit requests. Your time and effort is truly appreciated. No one can do this alone. I try not to decline any edit request without providing an explanation.

Following Find a Grave's naming convention minimizes duplicates and result in successful searches, however, it only works if we ALL follow the same guidelines. Use the bio to enter those additional spouses, special nicknames, etc. Resist the urge to do it YOUR WAY, it's not about you, it's about those who no longer have a voice.

Obituaries and headstones are not legal documents but they can assist you in creating memorials, reconnecting long forgotten family members. I forward all declined edit requests to Admin. Edit requests are not personal, so please don't take it that way.

A personal request to photo volunteers. The photo you take is likely to be the last one in existence, so please photograph with a quality camera that that produces a nice, clear image and avoid over cropping. It's okay to gently sweep off debris, however, cleaning or removing lichen is not allowed. Not all markers have weathered well, so do your best to get a good photo suitable for posting.

When you submit a photo request, please remember to extend a thank you to the volunteer who fulfilled your photo request. After all, it's the courteous thing to do!

Enjoy your Find a Grave experience!


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