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You have my permission to use any headstone photo I have posted, as you wish.

NOTE: Anyone can correct the sideways photos of headstones. So, if you see one, fix it.


If you are contacting me because of an "edit" I sent to you or a memorial I made, PLEASE include the memorial number or the URL to that page. A SIMPLE MENTION OF THEIR NAME IS NOT ENOUGH.

I will gladly make changes or corrections, no matter how small, if you request them. PLEASE do this by clicking on "Suggest Edits" under the person's name and memorial number. Use their form to notify me by email. That way it will include a link for that memorial. Makes it easier on both of us.

If this is your loved one, I would prefer transferring management to you. Just ask, same process. Be sure to include their memorial number, your relationship to them, and your Find a Grave I.D. number.

I'm always happy to transfer to any family member. I'll never understand the reluctance of some contributors to let go of the memorials of strangers simply because they've created them. That's why we do it isn't it? For their family to find them. That's why I do it.

2020 Update: - I am less willing to make transfers to those who don't seem to understand how the site works. You don't have to "own" a memorial to gather it together with other memorials from the same category such as family members. Create "Virtual Cemeteries" to keep them in. Use the "Save to" option to do this. For examples, see my list of 33 Virtual Cemeteries that begin on this page. Some are for family tree purposes, some are just silly. You can make them Public or Private. I have both.

I began making entries at Find a Grave, first with ancestor's info, my parents in Hayward, then Lower Lake Cemetery because I have lived here for so long, I knew or know of many of the "residents," both living and dead. At this point the ones in the cemetery outnumber the living. I knew many of these people personally and/or their families. I am not related to any of them directly. Two sets of in-laws, including my 2nd husband, many friends, high-school teachers and classmates, neighbors, former employers, people I worked with, the doctor that delivered my son, etc., etc.

My son has eight grandparents in this cemetery counting the greats- and steps-. My parents are in a Hayward cemetery because they made their own pre-need arrangements. If they were here, I would take care of them too. Thanks to Find A Grave I am able to "visit" them, add virtual flowers and notes, gather them and their families into virtual cemeteries I made for that purpose, and so on. I love that we can request headstone photos for those distant graves and get them! Usually. I DON'T LOVE THE FUSS ABOUT COPYRIGHT ISSUES THAT OCCUR OCCASIONALLY.

I have always enjoyed visiting cemeteries, especially the older, historical sections, long before I knew any of the "residents"... I am a regular visitor to Lower Lake Cemetery as it is nearest to me and I have friends and family there.

Every time I start to work on my family tree, I get side-tracked in the local cemetery. Since the beginning of 2011, I have been systematically photographing all the tombstones there and making memorials here. I REPEAT, FEEL FREE TO USE ANY HEADSTONE PHOTOS I HAVE ADDED AS YOU WISH!

I am always researching AKRIDGE and HAVENHILL/HEAVENHILL/HIMMELBERGER family trees... when I'm not getting lost in my neighboring cemetery.

2020 Update - I have slowed down some in recent years, spending less time in the cemetery but still updating records and responding to emails.

Happy hunting.

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