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April 2021. Life is getting better. Weather is improving. Had some surgery but its time to start hobbling thru the cemeteries. I am still going to transcribe obituaries and other updates to FAG. I fill anyone from anywhere so if you are wondering why someone from Wisconsin is updating people in Texas, Iowa, California, etc. this is why.
TRANSFERS: Getting too many requests for Transfers from people who say we are "Family" and have tried telling me the rules for transfers have changed so-----I contacted FAG directly. Their reply was that the rules have NOT changed. Unless you state you exact relationship within the FAG guide lines I will not make any transfers. You do not need a transfer to add stories and photos or make family links.

People have noted that I am all over the country with my pictures. My husband was working for a world-wide company that allowed for me to travel with him all over the United States and Canada. I have a government job that takes me all over Wisconsin plus a few other places. We are beginning to make plans for summer travel.

Oct 2018: a couple of annoying requests-- People who request everything that is in the link to be repeated in the INSCRIPTION field. FAG says "The inscription field is to be used for words, phrases, or sentences that are found on the headstone other than the person's name or birth and death dates. Examples of these would be "Loving mother", "Here my love lies", "Served in Company 212", etc"
Adding "Pictures" of obits, death certificates, etc. FAG says The biography is to be about the memorialized person with preference to an original biography. If a cause of death is included, it is to be short and to the point, and as shown on the death certificate. The bio must NOT look like a case file. (Example: I will not add lists of census records.) GRAPHIC bios are not acceptable.
People have added these things to my links without asking. If you want to post something--Take the time to retype or cut/paste a NARRATIVE. Also, please credit the original source.

Stillborn Babies: Sillborn babies do not have a BIRTH date.

Nov 2015: A bit about manners and rudeness. We all make mistakes. Sometimes people like me who adds thousand of names just to be helpful can only go by the info on the tombstone. A couple of e-mails I have gotten in the recent past went like this:

Kathleen, I'm writing to ask you if you would kindly delete this memorial for -------. I had checked to see if one was made shortly before you made yours and there was none. So I did extended work on his whole family here in Connecticut then returned to "Henry" and made his a few weeks later. When "Bulldog", the photographer who took the gravestone photos for my memorial pointed out today that there was another one already made, I didn't know what to do but write and explain the situation. I hope you understand. Thank you and God bless you for all your work on findagrave.

Another went like this: I recently created a FAG link for my family. I see you created a link 2 years ago. You will remove your "duplicate" immediately so that I can keep mine.

Guess which request I honored?

Pictures: I am sure it is safe to say that the majority of us picture takers are amateurs. This means that sometimes we don't always get the best pictures--- Weather, bad stones, bad timing, just plain bad luck. If I get a picture that is better than yours please don't be offended as I am not offended if someone gets a better one than mine. To me it is just like editing a name or date. We want the best we can get.
I don't set out to duplicate pictures. I take hundreds of pictures at one time and worry about duplicates after I get home.

This is a hobby, I don't think anyone gets paid (If you do--let me know how!) This is suppose to be fun. Too much griping, insults, etc. will only discourage people from doing this. Newbies will make mistakes. I will check a person's profile to determine how to respond. I need this service and hope you do, too.

I have been deeply involved in Genealogy for over 25 years including teaching, doing workshops and running a Family History Center.

This is my system for doing cemeteries. My job has strange hours and erratic appointment times. I have learned to carry a camera a with me at all times. I may have minutes or hours in between things so that may determine how many pictures get taken. I take a picture of every stone as time allows including cleaning up the really nasty ones. I do look over the requests but do not "claim" them because I don't know when I will get them downloaded so that may explain why "requests" are filled "hit and miss". I have taken 200-800+ pictures per cemetery visit depending on time and the size of the cemetery.

Please feel free to use my photos anyway you want. I believe in sharing. No special request is needed.

PLEASE include the name, cemetery and FAG number. Since the majority of my contributions are complete strangers to me, it is hard to respond properly without this info.
The EDIT button is a fantastic tool.
Feel free to ask for transfers within reasonable relationships. Except for my own family I have no special attachment to the 1000's of photos I have taken. I think the comedian Rodney Dangerfield said "Take them, PLEASE, they're mine!"

2017: I have started being more cautious about some transfers as too many "friends and neighbors" were contacting me and then I get a response from a new contributor who is family. I hate to discourage family from doing FAG because their feelings were hurt by a non relative who took over their family links. FAG rules say immediate family. Cousins (removed and in-laws of), grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. past 3-4 generations should not be considered "Immediate Family". Also do not make transfers to me that I do not request. Placing an EDIT is NOT a request for a TRANSFER.

Recently, I made an observation--Delete and Deliver both begin with "de" which explains why when I am tired I may hit the wrong one so if I don't respond or make an edit try again. I also noted that other words begin with "de" like dementia, demented, delusional and delirium, which explains the rest of me.

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