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Please write your own personal profile Bio and don't copy other's, that's just RUDE!

If you have submitted an edit via the edit system, there is no need to send me a SOC as well

SUGGEST OTHER CORRECTIONS - SOC's are always welcomed, however if your correspondence is RUDE in any way, it will be ignored. This site was created to help others, not criticize, harrass, bully or badger and certainly not for competition. Be kind to your fellow volunteers and the kindness will be returned! We all share the same goal of helping others.

PLEASE be patient in regards to your SOC being processed, if edits have not been completed after 30 days, please submit your request again. Sending duplicate SOC requests within a 30 day period, will result in your request being delayed further or denied. Submitting SOC requests on a daily basis for the same request is not necesary and will be ignored. SOC's are processed bi-wkly as the bulk of edits are submitted within the system now. System edits are typically processed every other day. However, I do receive a high volume of system edits, so processing times may vary.

If you have submitted an edit via the edit system, there is no need to send me a SOC as well. I research all edit submissions prior to approving or denying the edit request, due to a high volume of incorrect information submitted when the editing system was first implemented.

Edits - if I decline an edit you have suggested. Please send legal proof/documentation in reference to the legitimacy of the suggested edit via a SOC. I will not approve edits that are based on assumptions, verifiable documentation is required.

Please, Please, Please, do not leave suggestions/corrections or biographical information for a record in the "Leave Flowers and a Note" section. This section is for family and friends to pay tribute to their loved ones, not to mention the fact that I may never see this information. Please send me a SOC instead.

IF REQUESTING TRANSFERS please use the edit tab, and the suggest a correction selection, as this will send the pertinent information needed to perform a transfer. Do not forget to add your member # to your request, as well as a very detailed description of your relationship to the person memorialized. I do verify your relationship, so please provide detailed information. REQUESTS SUBMITTED ANY OTHER WAY WILL NOT BE HONORED! Transfers performed within Find A Grave Guidelines only! Which means direct relatives within four generations.

If you are new to Find A Grave, please read the transfer guidelines prior to requesting a transfer.

Please submit all duplicates to Find A Grave

Edits Declined 6/21 - Please note the Accept/Accept All buttons have been less than cooperative lately and will not do anything when clicked on. The only way I can get the information entered into the record is to decline the suggestion, then add it manually. Appears to be a glitch on the find a grave side.

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