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I am very involved in my family's genealogical history and am active in researching that. I spend a great amount of time updating family records on Find a Grave and Ancestry.com to make sure that future generations can easily find their ancestry. Too many people have been forgotten, and I want to do my part in preventing that.

Any memorials that I maintain, I am more than willing to update with obituaries, pictures, etc. to help people to understand who that wonderful person was. These memorials honor the people they were created for. I do not own them, and I respect any family wishes concerning them. These memorials are a way to make sure those who have passed on are never forgotten.

As I am able, I spend hours and hours updating existing memorials or creating new ones based on old newspaper obituaries and such. I take the time to transcribe information and post it accordingly. In the past year I have run across more and more findagravers that are getting very demanding and "protective" of their memorials. I have had edits declined, only to show up changed by the memorial's caretaker. I have had people decline edits with no reason and refusing to contact me regarding them when I have contacted them with proof.

As with all people, I can make mistakes. I try not to, but it could happen. I try to verify the information from several sources before I make changes. My goal is to make these memorials as complete as possible and to honor the people they represent as best as I can. Since the problems with some of these findagravers has been getting worse, I have decided that from now on, anyone who denies an edit without contacting me directly or plays "games" concerning the memorials they MANAGE and do not OWN, I will no longer submit any updates to that person's memorials. I am not going to waste my time making additions and edits just to be blown off by someone who has an attitude.

I work well with numerous other findagravers and have been willing to go the extra mile to make edits/suggestions/corrections sent to me for the memorials I manage as complete and accurate as possible. It is a privilege to maintain these memorials and I really want to do my best to make them as complete and accurate as possible.

FindaGrave may be the only source for some of this information in the next century. Our cemeteries and headstones are becoming more and more in disrepair and mother nature is doing her best to reclaim the land. This online repository may be our best bet to keep the memories of these people alive.

To me, it is not about the "numbers", it is about the people who these memorials represent.

I will transfer memorials per findagrave guidelines and on an individual request. Too many people are trying to "COLLECT" memorials and yet add nothing back to findagrave. If you want to "COLLECT" memorials, try creating a virtual cemetery for them.

I am also just a person who misses his extended family and friends that were lost because of AIDS. I lost so many wonderful friends over the years and as I locate them, I want to celebrate their wonderful lives. I never want them forgotten as their lives were over way too soon. I want people to know they were loved and cherished and are deeply missed.

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