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I'm Carolyn. I am from Kansas, originally. I like helping or contributing to whatever I can. I have interests in history, writing, photography, genealogy, art, different cultures, and love animals.
I originally joined this site because I liked the idea of making sure people that walked this earth before us, had somewhere where they could be found and remembered. Though after the loss of my grandmother that I was very close to, and combining it with the loss of a friend that took his life, Find A Grave became a haven to me. I do a lot of grieving here, and this has opened me up, and made me want to pay respect and help in remembering as many people on here as I can. No-one should be forgotten.

If you have time, please stop by and see my grandmother, Nadine; my grandfather, Bert; and my friend, Adam


My family:

McCutchan, Earls, Lucy, Hitzeman, Baldwin, Collins, Thomason, McDonald, Mahaffey, McGill, Shannon, Huff, Crocker, Thompson, Collingsworth, Howard, Chambers, Wims/Weems, Foerster, Schmidt, Büthe/Beethe, Rathke, Achilles, Springston, Akin, Abercrombie, Connelly/Conley, Burk, McMills, Tarvin, Bartlow, Silverthorn, Craycroft, Vickerstaff, Norton, Hummel, Arnold, Lanphier/Lanphere/Lamphere, Bergeron, Van Lubberdink, Mallory, Gallion/Galyean, Cox, Darwin, Stoneman, Toliver, Rector, Perryman, Barton, Selby, Evans, Benjamin, Noble, Woodward, Ward, Lucas, Dennis, Wilson.

Through family knowledge and research, I have found out my ancestry consists of: English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, French, Dutch, and Native American and Italian.


I will not be able to do any requests until spring arrives. The weather is too cold and harsh to do photo requests at the present time.

If anyone needs a photo of a grave from Maxwell cemetery, just let me know. I just live a few blocks away, so it'd be no problem.

At the moment, I can mostly just help with grave photos from Maxwell cemetery in Maxwell, Story county, Iowa. I can sometimes help with Woodland cemetery outside of Maxwell.

If I have added anyone's family, please let me know and I will gladly transfer it to you - it doesn't matter to me how distantly related you are to the person. I feel it's only right that people should have their family and ancestors' memorial records. I think the point of this should be to preserve history and the people in it, give people a place to pay respect to their family, and give families infomation of their family history. I do not believe it should be about owning the most memorials, or having the highest amount of entries. I would hope that others would pay me the same courtesy.

Feel free to use the photos I've taken and added, but I'd appreciate it if you cited me; it also helps to use citation, if you are using the photos for research. Thank you

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