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Hello F.A.G. friends and new visitors today is April 25, 2018. My Uncle David James Davis would have been 68 years old tomorrow if he had lived. Instead he died from injuries sustained from getting hit by a train at age 24 when I was only 1 year old. Dave has always come to me thriugh dreams when I was growing up and I have felt close to him my whole life. Will you please remember him by leaving a token? Thank you. I have been offline for a couple of months due to Lupus complications and a very problematic cough I have had for 2 years now that has gotten worse the past few months. Emotionally I haven't been too well either and just find myself thinking of my departed family and friends for much of my days now......

I want to thank 2 wonderful F.A.G. friends for sponsoring 2 of my very special fur babies:

Daddys♥Girl for sponsoring my beloved childhood cat Samantha Davis........thank you so very much.

Georgia-CA for sponsoring my favorite curmudgeon of a cat Tommy Lawrence Deluca Davis
Just so you know in addition to my family, friends and fur babies virtual cemeteries, I have causes close to my heart and have created virtual cemeteries that reflect these causes that you might want to check out sometime when you have the time. My friend and former co worker Kathy Logar was murdered by an abusive boyfriend in 2004. I have a virtual cemetery for murder victims that includes Kathy, F.A.G. friends that have lost a loved one or friend to a murderer and some are stories that I had read in the media at one point and wanted them to be remembered in this virtual cemetery. You guys have already left so many wonderful tokens in this virtual cemetery and it means so much and thank you.
In closing, I just highlighted only 2 of my virtual cemeteries, but I have 22 in total.......all various topics, some are lighthearted, some are about a cause I am passionate about, but if you have some extra time sometime check them out. ( :
Eternity's Desperately Needing Flowers Memorials. These are memorials that desperately need tokens and flowers added to their pages. Some of these pages only have a flower or two and it is truly heartbreaking. I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to the wonderful F.A.G. community who have already answered the call to action and left plenty of nice tokens for these memorials already.
Thanks for all the tokens you have left on loved ones pages and for all the nice messages you have left me. I get happy tears and a warm spot in my heart when I read them and look at the tokens. I also really like to leave tokens for them.
A Word On Bullies: I am moving past the Find A Grave bully who wreaked so much havoc on my life when I was in a very depressed state. I am also moving on from the two long time find a grave friends who dumped me that night because I stood up to the bully who had nothing better to do than count how many find a grave tokens I left someone way back in 2015. As I mentioned I did not do it on purpose, after 12 years on the site I know all the rules and she is clearly a grinch who goes after very sad, hurting and grieving people. Bullying will never get you anywhere in life. You break hearts because your own hearts are broken. You bring others down, because someone already brought you down. Nothing good or positive ever comes out of bullying another. That sense of power you feel is false. It is simply all of the kindness and dignity you stole from your victims in another energy form. Shame on all bullies. It is really a shame that standing up for myself and my strong anti bullying stance would cause me the loss of 2 Find A Grave friends and I use that word loosely. The funny thing though is I cannot for the life of me think of who is missing from my list of friends, so I guess the joke is on them not me. Find A Grave, why did you have to copy Facebook and do the whole followers system, I mean cmon FAG this is Find A Grave not Facebook and we are all grueving, sad and hurting people, so when someone unfriends you it is very hurtful. Everyone misses the old Find A Grave.
I am sorry I seem so sad guys but no use hiding it, I am extremely sad right now. I am ailing very badly and have been bed bound since May of 2017. This leaves me way too much time to think of all my lost family (most of my family is gone now), my friends and all of the fur babies I have lost over the years. This leads to crying. I have never cried so much in my whole life and I have never been more alone. I need prayer badly if my true friends on here could pray for me at night and include me in their prayers before bed at night. Thank you for my true blue friends on here who have stood by me and did not dump me like the others when I stood up to that bully. I never want to speak of her again.
Messages: I am sorry, but I am not accepting any messages at the moment. But I love you all, so don't think otherwise. I am still flowering and leaving lots of tokens though.


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