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Greetings from New Hampshire! Here are three great reasons why we should care: 1. Know where your cherished ones are laid to rest. I've visited more than 50 ancestors and counting. Find a Grave can be a very useful tool for remembering the members of your family that have passed on. Its a thoughtful and meaningful way to pay your respects, and a great visual way to learn how you got to be here in the first place. 2. Learning your history - Both parental lines of my mother and one line on my fathers side settled this place we call home. Thus, Ive been interested in Early Settlers of New England, Rev. War period, French Indian War, Civil and WW period for more than a decade, reading about my family and their relations. School history was a drag, but independently it can be such an adventure. Great for home schooling projects too! 3. Pass on a good deed. As a society we will be judged by how we treat our deceased. Find a member of your family that has been lost. I sponsor a little at a time - its like my movie night only Im learning about my family and making their memorial what it should be. So sponsor your loved ones, or add information to their bio.

Record Transfers: There's an equal need for both the gravers who mass compile these records, and the researchers who painstakingly connect family members and supply biographical information. But if you've created 50,000 memorials and you're managing 100,000 that you asked someone else if you could manage and were granted those records outside the technical policy then chances are you're not even remotely related to most of the memorials you're coveting so paleez don't preach about the rules while acting like a troll! Like wow srsly. Use the Golden Rule. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Some members are just downright nasty about it. That impression is going around on this site. If creating 100,000 records has made you creepy then perhaps you've been doing it too long. These are not baseball cards they are somebodys family members. Consider for a moment that your upbringing or culture is not the only one that exists. 3rd great would not prefer to have tea at your house over his family if he were here - just because you paparazzied his tombstone. The point is not how you feel but what is right. Don't covet other peoples family members. And peace will re-bless you and yours.
Dear Ancestor
Your tombstone stands among the rest...Neglected and alone...The name and date are chiseled out...On polished marble stone...It reaches out to all who care...It is too late to mourn...You did not know that I exist...You died and I was born...Yet each of us are cells of you...In flesh and blood and bone...Our blood contracts and beats a pulse...Entirely not our own...Dear Ancestor, the place you filled...One hundred years ago...Spreads out among the ones you left...Who would have loved you so...I wonder how you lived and loved...I wonder if you knew...That someday I would find this spot...And come to visit you.-Walter Butler Palmer

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