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Welcome to our page!
We are a married couple of Tati and Eric.
Tati was born and grew up in Soviet Union and Russian and Ukrainian are her native languages.
There are two major ways to write Slavic names. Some letters in Cyrillic alphabet have no equivalent in Latin alphabet.
Many are familiar with last names Smirnoff and Davidoff. The way westerners accustomed to spell these last names is not the way these names are spelled in Russian language. Immigrants were trying to modify their names to some fancy ways. Correct spelling of Smirnoff is Smirnov and Davidoff is spelled as Davidov.
Last names ending in "sky" or "ski" are last names in Poland and some areas in Ukraine, but not in Russia.
Examples of ways to replicate some Cyrillic letters in Latin:
Ы - Y - ДАВЫДОВ - DAVYDOV (different from another last name Давидов - Davidov)
Letter Й sounds as Y in English word AHOY

We do claim photo requests for Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery and prefer to take photos for family members of the veterans buried there. Collectors and compulsive researches are not among our priorities for photo requests. Our priorities are veterans of all military branches, specially the ones born outside of the USA, forgotten actors and actresses and historic figures.
Timing makes such a difference! At Fort Rosecrans National cemetery in particular timing may reflect on the quality of the photos. Upright marble headstones may have two inscriptions. One may be facing West and the best time to fulfill photo request is before 11:30 am. Inscription for a spouse or a minor child of the veteran is on the back of the headstone and it may be facing East, so photo must be taken after 12:30 or later. Sometimes we fulfill photo requests when it is cloudy and as a result photos might be not of the best quality.
We avoid taking photos when there is a marine layer or it is raining. If a person who requested a photo wishes that photo to be retaken, please let us know and we will do our best to do so.

Our families are: Olson, Ersdotter, Anderson, Nordstrom, Johansson, Pettersson, Nordenson, Soderberg, Larsen, Comstock, King, Yeghiayan Alvandi, Derderian, Maghsadi, Filippovski, Tokarski and many more.
Five of our immediate family members are buried at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, CA.

All the best and Momento Mori!

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