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"Who" I am: I belong to the line of Mattesons descended from FRANCIS MATTESON and SARAH NICHOLS, some of whom changed their name to Mathewson: Thus my user handle is "FrancisMattesonLine" for privacy and security purposes.

I've been a member of Find-A-Grave for a total of 18 years, (having had to change accounts due to an email change 8 years ago.) My sibling and I have been working on documenting our family's history for 21 years and we enjoy working with the many knowledgeable volunteers here.

Most recently, since 2015 I have become a research member of the very large volunteer group helping out the BVHS/Postle cemetery recovery group, working all over the Blackstone Valley area in Rhode Island from where many of our ancestors hail. *BVHS = Blackstone Valley Historical Society.

These amazing people have made cemetery and very ancient stone discoveries no one else ever has before, and if I have added a memorial or sent you an EDIT, it's usually upon concurred request from that large cooperative group after all available resources materials and data have been combined, including vital records, wills, contemporary maps, books, census, and a collaborative discussion process has occurred.

All the great historical discoveries they are making in R.I. every weekend are phenomenal! Sometimes it's local officials, Scout groups, everyday people like you and me who have a special skill, all of it is on a voluntary basis. Other areas and towns in RI also have these types of groups.
Special shout-out goes to the Cumberland High School students and their teacher who have formed an Archaeology club and are carefully unearthing markers in neglected burial areas in their town and putting the shattered ones back together to restore dignity to our ancestors.
Credit where credit is due is the motto here, plus a reminder that Find-A-Grave is a public website and to be careful not to display private information as we are all private citizens and not public figures. This is the reason I do not allow my email address to be displayed. Anyone, anywhere in the world can google it and try to make contact with you. I've already had this happen twice over the years from obvious scammers, so better safe than sorry!

If you are receiving an email from me it's generated by the EDIT function and it is simply support for the EDITs already sent for you to process on your EDIT tab :-) I do not expect the contents of such private emails to be published publicly and/or used as if they are your own work, please!

Most people do the proper attributions by referring to find-a-grave member number only, and I hope you will also remind me if the research done was yours :-)
Corrections, questions, updates, transfer requests:

"EDIT" tab is the preferred method, using the memorial you are addressing, so please only use the "Public Messages" when there is simply no other option available. Backup proofs can be sent using "Other Corrections" under this edit function. I don't ever want to have to "deny" a valid edit request, so please be sure to send the backup information at the same time. This process generates an email, so we all have to check both email and F-A-G to put 2 and 2 together.

30 days is the FAG time limit to respond, and since we all have other roles in life, let's adhere to this and be patient while corrections are being worked out. Thanks so much and let's all work together in a kind and cooperative manner to memorialize our ancestors!

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