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You are free to use my photo's as you please with the exception of adding them to another memorial or "grave site". Giving credit is the polite thing to do.

Do not add scanned obits. If Findagrave doesn't find them before I do I will have them removed! I may or may not transcribe them, but will not give credit. If you want it added you may transcribe it and send it through the edit tab.

When creating a memorial for a remarried woman, the last name is always whatever is on the marker, even if she has died under a different last name.

From FAQ's

Please do NOT add newspaper article or obituary scans. The photo section is reserved for headstone/grave photos and possibly a portrait photo of the person, if that photo is owned by you. Do not copy and post photographs from obituary or funeral home websites (unless you personally are the photographer), as they are protected by copyright law. Find A Grave reserves the right to remove obituary notices and photographs from memorial records.


Memorial Naming Conventions:

First Name
First name of the deceased. Put the entire first name (if known), even if the grave marker is only an initial. Do not include titles or other prefixes in the First Name field.

Middle Name
Middle name of deceased. Put the entire middle name (if known), even if the grave marker is only an initial.

A familiar name of the deceased, if known; the nickname is automatically placed in quotes. A nickname is different from the real name (first or middle).

Maiden Name
Maiden name of a married individual, if known (otherwise leave blank); the maiden name is automatically italicized and is only used if the individual was married and took the spouse's last name as their new last name. If the deceased was never married, then the last name is placed in the "Last Name" field, NOT in the "Maiden Name" field.

Last Name
Last Name as you would find it on the tombstone, if the interred had more than one marriage or other possible spellings please place this information in the bio and use the family links. Do not include honorary or other suffixes in the Last Name field.

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