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is a co-founder of LodeStar Pictures. He is the founding editor and publisher of MovieView Magazine that was long associated with Boxoffice Magazine. He was the former CEO of Central Cinema Company. He was also a longtime editor-contributor to CircusWorld. He is a contributor to several other publications including The Hollywood Reporter and Cinema History. His late mother Meredith A. Disney and his brother Daniel H. Disney were business partners in several enterprises. Most of his family and friends refer to him as "Charles Elias."

Charles Elias Disney was born in 1940 and he was named for his paternal grandfather who was Elias Charles Disney. He was Baptized by The Reverend Father Edwin W. Merrill, the Rector of the historic, stunning and beautiful St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Kansas City, Missouri, on February 16th of 1941. The family maintained close friendships with Fr. Merrill for many years and right up to the time when Fr. Merrill passed away in 1959.

Charles Elias' father was Raymond Arnold Disney and his mother was Meredith A. Disney. Raymond was an older brother to Walt Disney. Both parents are long deceased. Raymond is entombed in Forest Lawn Memorial-Park in the Freedom Mausoleum in the Sanctuary of Prayer in Glendale, California and Meredith is entombed in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in the Holy Redeemer Mausoleum in Culver City, California. Charles Elias' brother is Daniel H. Disney. His adopted son was Cristian Petrea Disney who passed away at the age of 24 on May 10, 2018 as the result of cardiomegaly and he is entombed in his native land in Romania next to his parents Lucian "Luke" and Maria "Mary" Petrea who both passed away when he was five years of age in 1999. Charles Elias' beloved wife and son were Mary Elizabeth O'Brien Disney who was 31 and his late son was Charles Roy "Charlie" Disney who was three years of age when both passed away in 1972 as the result of a terrible automobile mishap. Both are interred in Holy Sepulcher Catholic Cemetery in Orange, California.

Other close family includes:
paternal grandfather Elias Charles Disney and
paternal grandmother Flora Call Disney,
(Charles Elias Disney was named for his paternal grandfather who was Elias Charles Disney),
uncle and aunt Walt Disney, (Walter Elias Disney) and Lillian Bounds Disney,
uncle and aunt Roy Oliver Disney, Edna Francis Disney,
uncle and aunt Herbert Arthur Disney, Louise Rose Rast Disney,
aunt and uncle Ruth Flora Disney Beecher, Theodore Charles Beecher.

Charles Elias was a very close friend to the late Cecil B. DeMille.

His close boyhood and lifetime friend was Ricky Nelson.

I am blessed to have so many other close family members and hopefully in the future I can feature their lives as well. Every life is wonderful and filled with great potential and purpose!

"Each one of us must surely remember the love we feel for one another both in this present life and in the life to come when we will be in the very presence of Jesus and His Mother and all of God's Holy Saints in Heaven!
And one more thought:

Charles Elias Disney for my most beloved Disney Family...both living and those who have passed from this life...

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