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Note: do not use the e-mail address on my cycling jersey, use the one below on this page.

I am part of a network of researchers called the Slaton Slatton Slayden Family Project (since 1985). My partner Julia O'Hara Mitchel and I have used DNA to show that all Slaton/Slatton family lines do not share a common progenitor. There are three "major" (large and traceable) lines : Arthur & Rachel Slayden of VA, another line that also started in VA, with three men (brothers?) who moved to NC > SC. There is also the "Northern" line from Mass.
Y-DNA is different for all three lines.

If you are posting TREES showing an ultimate ancestor William Slatton/Sladding marrying Mary RODES, you are promulgating a big old lie. No such marriage is found, and the man who supposedly "confirmed" it to the liar who posted it, wrote to me that there was never such a finding. The desire to provide an answer sometimes overwhelms judgement, and this blatant fiction has compromised thousands of Ancestry Trees.

There are over 30 variants for this surname, so your family member may not be buried under the spelling you expect.

My Virtual Cemetery KINFOLK has memorials of my extended family. This family connection is based on DNA that currently ties descendants of John, George and Major Slaton/Slatton to a common progenitor.

We have websites. We post all data-type research at RootsWeb WorldConnect databases and use F A G heavily, with the caveats mentioned above and below. We cannot connect all of the graves because key ancestors can be conjectured or identified but their burial sites are not known. Please do not confuse LINKS and other family material posted on Find A Grave as PROOF of actual research.

Simply transcribing records from cemetery books, death certificates and stones in order to create thousands of memorials does not constitute a contribution to anything unless the typists are willing to allow genealogical researchers to manage these memorials. All of these sources are secondary and notoriously inaccurate. There are no prizes for dying with hundreds of thousands of memorials to your "credit," if descendants and researchers cannot correct the MANY errors made in survey books and provide additional helpful notes. Anyone can OCR a survey book, but knowing who these people were and why they are where they are (and whether they really ARE there) is the ONLY function F A G can provide for future users, not "grave registration," which is a faulty concept. Those of us who go into the graveyards know this.

Even worse, "newbies" who have done no research are entering UNKNOWN burial memorials from books with unproven lineage information for gravesites, giving the impression that there is a proven line back to these (not found) memorials, which I consider an extremely poor practice that is against F A G guidelines. This non-information is now "shared" over Ancestry sites and Public Trees.

I have photographed several cemeteries completely, DO NOT BE SHY ABOUT ASKING FOR TRANSFERS if I have one of yours who is not one of mine. In an effort to correct a cemetery mixup, I now manage over 500 graves in Liberty United, DeKalb co AL, that I do not want!

I sometimes cite Find A Grave as proof for burial records but there is too much misinformation here. Fundamental research is the only answer.

Before posting PHOTO REQUESTS or creating memorials, check for duplicates with slight changes to the name, just because yours is "better" does not entitle you to duplicate without requesting xfers or arbitrage from F A G. Read any available cemetery description before posting or creating, large cemeteries such as Elmwood in Birmingham AL (+100,000) have locational plot information available online or from the Ceme office ; your PHOTO REQUEST should contain this if not already posted at the memorial. Confer with F A G guidelines before posting "blind" requests for large cemeteries.

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