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My wife and I were both in education, she an elementary school secretary and I, a now retired Chemistry and Physics teacher who taught in the Middle School and High School. I also taught in the summer at several colleges in the USA and even a couple of summers in Tokyo, Japan first as a Fulbright Memorial Award scholar in Esashi, Iwate, Japan and the following summer to teach at the request of the US Ambassador to Japan. Every morning, the class of about 600 students would rise, bow, and then in unison say "Ohayo gozaimasu - Please Teach us today" which means Good Morning - Please Teach us today. After coming back home, my students wanted to know all about my experience and I told them this and other things. The very next day every class started repeating this same saying every year until I retired. ( kids can be amazing ). I taught my students by Physics and Chemical demonstrations such as 2-foot to 12-foot Sound Tubes, 12-foot Flame Tube, A massive 32-foot flame tube for BCCE and ChemEd, The Story of Ira Remsen, and my signature Demo of "Shrink Wrap with a Vacuum" and others. In Biology, I developed a method of using flex cameras attached to microscopes that would project enhanced and larger biology specimens on a TV attached to the wall. Teaching this way eliminated constant repositioning and adjustment of a microscope. My students led the state in every year of state testing and they are the testament to using demonstrations as well as innovation to achieve learning. I owe everything to my former college teachers:

Hubert Newcombe Alyea -- Princeton ( Walt Disney made a Movie about him called "The Absent Minded Professor" after witnessing him at the 1958 World's Fair in Brussels )

Richard Phillips Feynman -- CalTech ( 1965 Nobel Prize in Physics for Quantum Electrodynamics )

Julius Sumner Miller nicknamed "Professor Wonderful" by Walt Disney -- El Camino College

Bassam Zekum Shakhashari -- University of Wisconsin - Madison

Don Showalter -- University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point

My expertise was in Chemistry, Physics, Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science, Nanotechnology and Nanobiotechnology.

Like most Gravers on Find-A-Grave, I want to honor those ancestors who came before me and honor their life through a biography and a celebration of their life.

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