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My maternal grandmother Parker was a Holloway. My maternal great-grandmother Parker was a Maddy. My father was a Stephenson, my step-mother was a Miller, and my step-father was a Donahue. So I'm interested in those six families and their in-laws; as well as connecting non-relatives when I see links as I browse using and I haven't been updating my FAG virtual cemeteries because I put the FAG memorial links into the Burial fields on

When diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in Spring 2011 I bought this pre-need memorial. In spite of full external radiation Fall / Winter 2011 and hormone treatments during and since, a Mar 2016 bone scan revealed the cancer had spread (my oncologist said it was a "high volume metastatic prostate cancer"). My health story. I had chemo Summer 2016, continued hormone treatments during and since, with PET bone scans every 90 days after chemo. I also doubled down on my Ketogenic Diet / Lifestyle; the last 6-9 months following a Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet (carnivore). The PET scans have been showing stable or shrinking sites; after the Nov 2017 scan my oncologist declared that I was in a "remarkable" remission! Important lipids are also positive: Triglyceride / HDL= 58/78 = 0.744 (below 2 indicates my LDL particles are large, fluffy, and non-dangerous). Kudos for Keto (Ketogenic diet / lifestyle)!

I believe in celebrating the lives of my ancestors with photos of them when they were young (people's self images are usually of that age) and links to their relatives, the important people in their lives.


An Irish poem ...

by DH Cramer

Scatter me not to the restless winds
Nor toss my ashes to the sea.
Remember now those years gone by
When loving gifts I gave to thee.
Remember now the happy times
The family ties are shared.
Don't leave my resting place unmarked
As though you never cared.
Deny me not one final gift
For all who come to see.
A simple lasting proof that says
I loved and you loved me.



"Find A Grave believes everyone deserves to be remembered equally and has built the site to support common alternative dispositions to traditional burial ...

Burial-Other: Choose from this list...
Cremated - Ashes given to family or friend
Cremated - Ashes scattered
Cremated - Ashes scattered at sea
Cremated - Location of ashes is unknown
Cremated - Other
Body lost at sea
Body buried at sea
Body lost or destroyed
Body donated to medical science
Non-Cemetery Burial
Recent death, location of body unknown"

If you will know where the body is buried within 30 days of creating a memorial, use "Recent death, location of body unknown" and update the disposition within the 30 day time limit.

However, if there is written proof the person existed but no evidence of a specific disposition, use "Body lost or destroyed" and document proof of the person's existence in the biography section. Since such a FaG memorial can be used to link family members to and from it, it will serve to help people find other relatives' graves (FIND A Grave). If the person's gravesite is later found, the disposition can easily be changed to reflect the newly discovered facts. Here's an example.



How does Find A Grave handle duplicate memorials?
... In regard to duplicates, a memorial with a correct known burial location will always be preferred over an unknown burial location. ...

You must delete a memorial you created with an incorrect burial location, no matter the date of creation, if another memorial with a correct actual burial location is found.


I help Westford Veterans Services with its FindAGrave research and maintenance.

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