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Y R-M269 - Y-DNA Haplotree - Confirmed Haplogroup is R-FTA88701
mtDNA - Haplogroup - K1b1a1
FTDNA Kit No. 475784

I hope you enjoy the information in my profile and information; it is accurate to it the best of my knowledge. I make every attempt to cross check any information I edit or add. There are some entries during the very earliest of record that are apparently "Fictional Characters." I did not add them and the information back to the 1800's appears to be accurate; anything before that time I am comparing other contributors work to see if it meets my approval.

William the Traveler is my Fictional Character I portray in Medieval, Heritage and Cultural Festivals.
I created the Character in the year 2000; it has no bearing on my Ancestors or Genealogical information other than I am a student of history and attempt to use Times and Places that are historically correct.

William the Traveler
Trader and Magician
Captain Persona Non Grata
Quartermaster HMS Motleigh
Nautical Observer aboard the Ship of Nothing
International Brotherhood of Rogues Scoundrels and Cads Number 1075
International Fellowship of Royal Privateers 632
United Brotherhood of Quartermasters Local 101
Queens own Highland Guard
High Chieftain Clan Crown
Protectors of the Purple Sack Holders of the Golden Cord
Custodian of the Dalmore
Purveyor of the Loki – WAD – WWA – Evil C – Precious
Patrón Secret Dining Society
Craftsman Leather and Fur - Buckle and Chain
Rat Pucker
Zombie Emergency Response Operations
First Response Team Zulu #101
Order of the Broken Chair
Order of the Bent Cup
Padawan - Student of Kathryn the Magnificent - Jedi High Council
Student of The Lady Melville, my inspiration, Tutor and Muse

In the clan Irwin there are over 200 different spellings of the name.

Clan Irwin Association, http://clanirwin.org


'Tis a Poore Minde that can only think of one way to spelle a word.'

Across the history of the Clan, in literature, in genealogical records and in writings of all kinds, there have been many variations in the spelling of the name. Here is the largest aggregation known to exist. All have appeared in public record of some sort.

Airwin, Arewine, Arvinge, Arvon, Arwine, Curwen, Curwing, Curwings, de Herwyne,
de Hirewine, de Hrevigne, de Iruwyn, de Erwin, de Irwin, de Irwyn, de Orvin, de Yrewyne, d'Orvin, Earewin, Earven, Earwen, Earwin, Earwing, Eirryn, Eirven, Eirvin, Eirving, Eirvyn, Eirwin, Eorvin, Eorwine, Erbeine, Erenvine, Erenwine, Erevein, Erevin, Erevine, Erewynis, Erin, Erin-Feine, Erinfeiner, Erin-Veine, Ereivine, Eriven, Erivin, Eriveen, Ernwine, Erum, Ervan, Erven, Ervening, Ervens, Ervewin, Ervien, Ervin, Ervine, Erving, Ervinge, Ervpnne, Ervion, Ervwin, Ervwyn, Erwane, Erwein, Erwin, Erwine, Erwing, Erwinn, Erwinne, Erwinski, Erwinss, Erwvin, Erwyn, Erwyne, Eryvine, Eryvyne, Eryvino, Eryvinus, Erywen, Euervinus, Eurini, Eurwings, Herwynd, Hierewine, Hirevigne, Hirewine, Hurven, Iarwin, Ieriven, Iervine, Irevin, Irevigne, Irewin, Irewing, Irewyn, Irewyne, Irin, Irn, Irrewin, Irrewing, Irrewings, Irruein, Irruen, Irruin, Irrvings, Irruwin, Irruwing, Irruwingus, Irrwin, Irrwing, Irruwyng, Irrwynnis, Irueyn, Iruiun, Iruin, Iruine, Iruing, Iruvine, Iruwyn, Iruwyne, Irltyn, Iruyne, Irrein, Irvane, Irvfein, Rveing, Irven, Irvene, Irveyn, Irvin, Irvine, Irvinee, Irviner, Irving, Irvings, Irvinge, Irrin, Irviney, Irvinn, Irvins, Irvon, Irvinue, Irvun, Irvyerins, Irvying, Irvyn, Irwan, Irwain, Irwayne, Irwaynes, Irwen, Irwein, Irweing, Irwenis, Irwein, Irwin, Irwine, Irwing, Irwinge, Irwinger, Irwingh, Irwingus, Irwinn, Irwins, Irwirn, Irwon, Irwyn, Irwyne, Irvvwng, Irwynn, Irwynnis, Irynagio, Oerin, Oeryn, Orvine, Orwin, Orruein, Ourine, Ouron, Ourren, Owyrn, Uirvine, Uirwin, Urewens, Urewing, Urowrin, Urrwine, Uruin, Urven, Urvens, Urvin, Urvine, Urwain, Urwaine, Urwan, Urwen, Urwenn, Urwens, Urwin, Urwine, Urwing, Urwins, Urviung, Urwyng, Vervine, Vrowing, Verwayn, Vruing, Vruving, Vrvin, Vrwaine, Vrwan, Vrvynn, Vrwayn, Vrwayne, Vrwen, Vrwin, Vrwm, Vrwing, Vryne, Yirwing, Yivewing, Yrewing, Yrein, Yrwen, Yrwens, Yrvin, Yrwin, Yrwing, Yrwyne

Prefixes have appeared with the name: MacIrwin, Meirwin
Suffixes Have Appeared With the Name: Ervinton, Ervington, Irvainston, Irvington, Irvinghton, Irvinscow, Irwington, Irwintire, Irwuitin

John Beaufin Irving, Chieftain, Irvings of Bonshaw, wrote in 1907 " ... yet it was all the same name and referring to members of the one Clan... "
Seventh Rewrite - August 10, 1988 - by Harry Irwin

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