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"The best way of preserving the ancestry is by bringing the descendants together." unk

I found this site by chance while doing some genealogy searches on my family history. I am going to attempt to add all my ancestors graves to the site, if they can be found! I should have started years ago before all the "old" folks pasted. Great site, thanks to whoever started this!

I want to thank everyone who visits the memorials of my family, friends or just people who tug at my heart. It really means a lot to me for people to take their valuable time and pay homage. I would like to thank everyone personally but this endeavor of mine has grown so much. What started out to just be a way to find and honor my relatives and ancestors has snowballed into a second job almost. Thank you again with all my heart, my new find a grave family are such caring and wonderful people. God is holding a special place for all of you. I love you all!!

Let me add a PS, my pet peeve is the selfish people on here who refuse to transfer family members to family members. How dare you tell me to send you any bio info or family connections and you will make them for me, wrong! I don't need a secretary. I am constantly revising and updating the memorial sites for my family as I uncover new info and don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate the time and effort people put into surveying cemeteries and posting pics. But this person had never been to this cemetery, let alone his grave. She picked his name out of a book and devised a memorial on him for her virtual cemetery, and showed no more interest in him until I posted a picture of his grave site and personal pictures to the site and asked her to transfer him to me so I could do a bio on him.
Now you tell me how someone who has posted over 10,000 memorials can be so attached to my dead relative. If she ever reads this she will know this is about her and if you have ever dealt with her you know who she is. She is a nut, who needs a life and a new hobby!!

I also want to send a SHOUT OUT to all the wonderful cemetery surveyors who unselfishly spend their time and energy surveying cemeteries and posting memorials and making it possible for family members to find and connect to lost relatives, ancestors, friends and love ones. It is quite an ordeal posting memorials and pictures not counting roaming around amongst the dead and keeping all the info straight. The majority of y'all are wonderful people and your work is truly appreciated by many. I especially want to thank Richard Robinson and Mary Ann Ferguson who have uncovered many of my ancestors graves that would still be unknown to me if not for their hard work.
If I have posted any memorials for your family and they are not mine I will gladly transfer regardless of the generation gap. Take care and keep up the good work, love to all of you and thanks again!!!!
I am a saddened to learn of the passing of Mary Ann. Find A Grave Memorial# 104968834

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.

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