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I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, the daughter of Van Buren Mayo and Margaret Elaine (Bandy) Mayo. I married my best friend in 1979, we remained in the area until 1986 when we moved to Indiana in search of work. We have remained in the north every since, though I surely do miss home. I have been researching his family, the descendants of Hans Johannes Bischoff, for many years, as well as my own family lines including, but not limited to, Mayo, Bandy, Crawford, Whittlesey, Miller, Maxwell, Loflin.... The descendants of Hans Johannes Bischoff have spread all over the world, but they started out in this country around the Floyd and Montgomery county areas in Virginia. I've become very close to the entire family, and continue to add "new" family members and information all the time. Please contact me if you think you might be related, or if you have information about them, or my side of the family. Bishop family common surnames include Lester, Skaggs, Quesenberry, Simpkins, Goad, Phillips, Justice, Harper, Drake, Keene, Taylor, Slone, Smiley, Abshire, Matney, Maynard, and many many many others. My husband and I have finally settled again, this time for good, in Frenchburg, Kentucky. This is next door to Morgan County Kentucky, where his great grandparents are buried, and there are still Bishop descendants living there, who have never left.
Sadly, West Liberty, Kentucky, the county seat of Morgan County Kentucky, was hit by a devastating tornado Friday, March 2, 2012, just 2 days ago as of this writing. The families there will need your help. Please consider donating to your local Red Cross to help get them the assistance they need so badly. We live a mere 17 miles away, and our place, thankfully, was unharmed. We are very fortunate and thank God for our blessings.

I'd deeply appreciate any flowers and notes to be added to my parents names, grandparents, my late grandson Andrew Vincent Elkins, and my husband's late mother, Sue Elaine Bullock, as well as his father, Dow Darrell Bishop's memorials. Van Buren Mayo, and Margaret Elaine (Bandy) Mayo are my parents names. I live 1000 miles away from my family's burials, so it is difficult to get down there in person. I am hoping their online memorial will grow because of my friends here on findagrave. Make sure you visit my virtual cemeteries as well, I have quite a few set up and plan on adding more names and burials as I go. Thanks in advance, and remember, feel free to write. You can also check out my facebook page, listed above.

I have to add something to my profile here on FindAGrave. I have spent many years researching family history, I have also spent a lot of time networking for the lost and/or missing, as well as preparing memorials for people that no one else seemed to care about enough to bother with memorials, or much of anything else.

Recently, I have been "plagued" with the following requests:
Could you please delete, they were listed with final disposition here:
Up until today, there was only one person that was doing this. Well, not even just today. There've been a couple more here in the last few weeks. Tonight, I received a message from one of them that I truly did not appreciate. I removed it.
As I have repeatedly said, I am NOT a hateful, spiteful person. Sure. Duplicate memorials do tend to clutter up the site. But who's to say who's memorial is actually the duplicate!
As TIME PERMITS, I will go through and try to remove these duplicate listings. However, I will only remove duplicates that I put up SECOND, after an original listing was already there. I will not remove a duplicate listing of mine if someone else created one after I put mine up.

If you have a problem with me, or my memorials, or you'd like to legitimately request a change, them please- make sure that you leave me a way to contact you back. I'm not a hateful person, nor am I spiteful, but I do not appreciate messages such as what I have received from this person, with no reply available.

I don't have a problem with real requests that are legitimate, and nicely put.

With that said, I appreciate your cooperation and your help, and please have a nice day.

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