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Hi .. Let me start out by saying I am not related to all I have put flowers on with the last name NANCE/NANTZ/NANTS. I keep a database of all NANCES/NANTZ/NANTS people, their spouses and children and I mark memorials with flowers of the ones I have visited to help add to them. I am happy to share what I have collected for those who may need it PLEASE SEND NAME & MEMORIAL # with request so I know which particular NANCE you need info on. ONLY ON THE NANCE SIDES.

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I would be glad to add to or update bio information for that individual or transfer (If not my own relatives) ownership of the ones I have added. ALSO I have sent in hundreds of additions and corrections to memorials. PLEASE SEND NAME & MEMORIAL # with any request or replies to these additions/corrections I have sent.

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I am the admin. of a group NANCE (surname) From Around the World on Facebook for those researching NANCE lines. This is a private group for Nance researchers so you will need to send me a private message to get in. Or if you find by searching you MUST answer the provided questions or you will not be allowed access. Even if your last name is Nance, to many fake accounts have tried to enter.

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THANK YOU! To those who fill photo request and those who correct mistakes, and removing duplicates!!

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For the rest of you people what's up with you? You don't own any of these memorials!! And your NOT the only one related!!!

I get so tired of hearing people say they wont delete a duplicate memorial because.. {for whatever reason!!}.

UPDATE (2/10/2019) SO EXCITING!! YES!!! Find A Grave has finally made it where you can report to FaG a duplicate memorial for a review by them to merge, now I don't need to deal with the azzes I have dealt with, who refuse to fix their duplicates!! I had over 100 in a virtual cemetery that NOW FaG has merged. THANK YOU FaG!!!

Per F.A.G. rules.. You should never deliberately create a duplicate memorial. You should use the tools provided to submit corrections, additions or a transfer request via the "Suggest A Correction" link under the 'Edit' tab on the upper right of the memorial. !!
To add a cenotaph, create a memorial. Then email with a link to the memorial and request to have the memorial designated a cenotaph. When both a cenotaph and actual burial exist, only add relationship links to the actual burial memorial.

I will remove any cenotaphs attached to any memorial I manage.

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