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If you would like a transfer of a memorial I have please use the edit tab. I will transfer any of those I do not have a relationship to, not in one of my family cemeteries: Ford Cemetery (my mother was a Ford) and Nuttall Cemetery (I am a triple descendant of this line) in Crawford Co., Illinois (I am also related to the majority of the memorials I have in Jones Cemetery in this county as it contains my grandparents, nine great-grandparents, numerous Aunts, Uncles and cousins) and Karn Family Cemetery (This contains three sets of my great-grandparents and is on property purchased by my 4th great-grandparents Christopher and Leah Boone Karn in 1818, the majority of the rest are my Aunts, Uncles and cousins who are 1st cousins to Daniel Boone, two great-nephews of Daniel Boone (Edward Boone's grandsons) and a niece of Rebecca Bryan Boone who is the daughter of my 5th great-grandfather Josiah Boone II and Elenor Ellender Bryan, Rebecca's sister) and Barnhill (Cemetery of my 4th great-grandparents James and Hannah Ann Boone Barnhill) in Daviess Co., Kentucky, not connected to my family lines (I have transferred some of these depending on the circumstances). Please state your connection.

Please use the Birth/Death,birth/death place, Relationship and Name sections of the edit section of a memorial rather than the suggest any other correction or addition whenever possible. Between my account here, my personal account and work account on average I receive over 100 emails a day and those coming through those tabs are on my approved e-mail list while others are filtered through three separate systems, one a high security system of the company where I work. Once you are blacklisted by one of those three future emails are blocked and I don't even see them unless I go onto the mail server itself which I seldom do.

Though some of my relationships are in others I concentrate on these two counties:

Daviess Co., Kentucky - My paternal lines first property purchase here was recorded in 1818. Six generations have lived here. They came into Kentucky with Daniel Boone on his third trip, several of my great-grandparents and cousins are on the first settlers memorial at Fort Boonesborough, to whom I am related to as a double 1st cousin. Daniel, as wagonmaster, crossed my 6th great-grandfather's Ferry on the Potomac River in 1755 with George Washington, The Papers of George Washington held by the University of Virginia contains my grandfather's name, Evan Watkins, his home Maidstone on the Potomac and Watkins Ferry whose location is a Registered National Historical Place and British General Edward Braddock on the way to the battle of Fort Duquesne.
This side also includes my 1st cousins General Christopher Houston "Kit" Carson and Medal of Honor Recipient Brigadier General Thomas Cruse (A plaque was recently placed on the Daviess Co. Courthouse lawn dedicated to him after I contacted the Messenger-Inquirer) and 3rd cousin Former Kentucky Governor & Senator Wendell Hampton Ford, our 3rd great-grandfather is Rev. Joseph Jasper Bristow. The Daviess County Ford line is also the same Ford line of my mother. I am included in the following book documenting my double Boone Family line Descendants of Josiah Boone I and II published in 2010. I am a direct descendant of 14 family lines in this county.

Crawford Co. Illinois - My maternal lines settled here in the early 1800's and six generations have lived here. I have quite a few multiple connections to individuals in this county, the most I have found is nine different ways. When I first met Burl Rich, a cousin (his home was previously the home of my great-grandparents) and well known researcher of area families, who all I was related to in the area he said it would be a lot easier to make a list of who I wasn't related to. Two of my great-grandfather's, Warner Ford and Robert Terrell (Culpeper Minutemen), went into Illinois during the Revolutionary War with George Rogers Clark and received land grants out of what was awarded to Clark by Congress. Several individuals from my Boone line also accompanied them. Two of Robert's brothers sit on the board that passed out those land grants and purchased several of those that individuals did not want. Records at the George Rogers Clark Memorial show they purchased over 15,000 acres. A DAR book written in 1955 on the Ford and Terrell's states the first that is known of the Terrell family goes back to Normandy where Ralf, Sire de Tyrol de Poix and de Guermanville, son of Walter I, Count of Vexin and Amiens, lived around 995 A.D. His father was Walerain, Count of the Vexin who died in 965 A.D., his mother was Edelgard, Great Granddaughter of Alfred the Great of England. This side also includes my 11th great-grandfather and Mayflower Passenger Edward Doty . I designed and created the Crawford Co. Historical Society Website which is a culmination of the work of numerous researchers of Crawford Co., Illinois Families. My great-aunt Madeline Louise Branson Mercer (Her husband is my grandmother's brother) is a great-niece of Reuben Spaulding Branson, who Branson, Missouri is named after, and a 2nd cousin to Carl Dean "Alfalfa" Switzer and Harold Switzer of the Little Rascals who entertained them at their family reunions. Relatives jokingly told their parents they ought to take them to Hollywood and they did.

The majority of my memorials are in these two counties the only exception being when I need to go outside of them to attach a person to a family line but they will all lead back to these counties. All my memorials are entered into a database which now has over 138,000 Individuals, all of which are on Ancestry with documentation attached.


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