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I have completed what I call 'The Lost Ships Project' which includes a memorial for each man aboard the 33 US merchant ships that seemed to 'vanish' during World War II. These memorials contain information about each ship and its fate, information that was usually not known until the end of the war. Many of the families of the merchant seamen never knew exactly what had happened to their loved one, only that he was 'missing and presumed dead'. These men have neither cemetery nor grave, only the ocean; their families have no piece of earth to adorn in memory of their lost loved one. I hope these memorials will somehow help to ease that loss.

See the list of virtual cemeteries on the right for names of the ships. The 'Lost Ships' are all identified by (L) after the name of the ship.

My main sources:,,,,,,

My current interest is in finding and memorializing the relatively few women who served as U.S. Merchant Mariners during the war. If you know of anyone, please contact me. This information is hard to come by.

I am also creating memorials for other U.S. Merchant Mariners who died in WWII. I've recently found some records on that lists the race and nationality of many mariners so I am including this information for any mariner who is listed as 'Negro', 'Black' or 'African' in the hope that it will help those of African ancestry to identify their family member(s).

A NOTE OF CAUTION: These WWII Merchant Marine/Navy Armed Guard memorials are updated as more information comes to my attention. I've seen narratives copied and included in family trees on that do NOT contain this additional info. This is also true for memorials that were transferred to others in the past.
NOTE: Any cemetery/grave photo that I post to this website is free to be used by anyone. I gladly donate them, as well as any biographical information, to further genealogical research. I believe family histories, public records, archived newspapers and anything else that contributes to the gathering of genealogy should be free and accessible by the public. That being said, it's not just a necessity for record keeping and provenance to acknowledge any source, but it's common courtesy to give due credit to other genealogists/historians that we 'borrow' from.
Although the administrators of findagrave do not consider this a genealogy website, that is precisely what it has become for many of us. AND IT'S FREE. In fact, this is one of the very few websites with genealogy data that has remained free for everyone. For this reason, I'm especially grateful for findagrave, and to all of its volunteers and contributors - "Thank you."


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