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Grief never ends,
but it changes.
It is a passage,
not a place to stay.
Grief is not a sign of
weakness or lack of faith...
it is the price of love.

The words above are thought to be based on a eulogy Queen Elizabeth made for her sister Princess Margaret.

*Many thanks need to be given to Athanatos, member 46907585, for not only posting over a million memorials, but kindly helping those of us passionate to reconnect folks who died too young...often alone 100 years ago in Albuquerque seeking to cure TB...back to their families

...and also Diana St Clair Huber, whose patient diligence has allowed hundreds of unadorned, unvisited lying in PottersFields of Western New York to be connected back to their families...and Susan Drake Schwartz who has spent over 20 years wandering the grounds, combing documents, and recording the often-unmarked graves in Historic Fairview of Albuquerque...Blessings & Kudos on the three of you!*

Along side our humans and Entlands, we attempt to care for at least 2 dogs & 12 cats so I don't make more than a couple memorials, via satellite, a day on average; but have done research into the families of lots of them...same for many whose pictures I post...making me gladly able to help with most people's ancestral brick walls however I can.

As the activity on FindAGrave increases, memorials and pictures left to be added decrease. There are already over 125,000,000 memorials; so considering that half the people who ever lived on Planet Earth are living now, and that it's unknown where over 90% of the dead are...how many does that leave? ½-LOL and go figure.

When the picture request function first started, fulfillment uploads were limited in size to 250K: a comparatively tiny 1/32 of 8M now allowed. Back then there was only one guy and me taking pix in Arlington National (all that white granite for matching military markers comes from Vermont...not China :°D), and there weren't many requests, so you can see how membership and contributions have exploded! I've had to tell my eager grandteen that there will probably be little picture-taking left to do when another few years pass, just always recent deaths to add.

Us'uns who are willing & able: little burial grounds usually need cleaning and repairs; but don't go alone, and be careful ~ I've encountered snakes, dogs, & Black Widow spiders...and been told creepy tales about the LIVING I might encounter.

Some might think others of us are too possessive about pictures we take/post, but you probably haven't encountered a self-aggrandizer who deletes memorials after lifting the pictures others added to them and then remakes memorials with same pictures claimed as their own. You can surely use pictures I've taken and posted on this site in your online family trees by making a connective link to the original and/or including "© FindAGrave member #46897564"; none may be sold and/or exchanged for any type of payment.

I usually do some research into those whose graves I take picture of and have found my heart aches when people are assumed…even by themselves…to be kids of step-parents (usually mother as so many moms died not long after childbirth) because their bio-parent died too young…AND for ladies whose maiden names became unknown when they were even still living for becoming *Mrs John Jacob Dingleheimer* instead of *Ebbie Ursula Meadows Dingleheimer* ~ most ALL females losing their identities up into the 1960s; so I'm elated whenever I successfully work the puzzles ~ better than word math, sudoku, or cryptograms ~ of restoring names & family connections as the most appropriate and long-lasting FLOWERS to their memories.

May all of Granny Vance's roses perpetually bloom bright and happy!

The book of life is brief,
And once the pages read
All but love is dead:
That is my belief.
(sung by Bobby Goldsboro in 1970...when he & God were watching Scotty grow)

God is Love.
1 John 4:8

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