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I appreciate the efforts of so many Find A Grave Contributors who devote countless hours by adding invaluable records, and/or those folks who while they are traveling, take the time to photograph and then post photos on Find a Grave. I have found ancestors around the world because of their time!
I enjoy being able to 'pay-back' what so many others have done before me, while honouring those that have passed on. Helping others to find their past is what it's all about!

Find a Grave Edit System:
Please use the 'Suggest Edits' tab on the record to request changes to:
Name, Birth/Death Dates, Birth/Death locations, Plot or GPS; Relationships links for parents/ spouse or to Suggest Other Corrections (this helps to ensure accuracy, making it very easy for both Parties) by selecting the correct memorial record.
To request a transfer on the memorial in question, click on 'Suggest other Corrections' under the 'Suggest Edits' button and type your message to the memorial manager. Be sure to include your ID # and your relationship to the person and any other reason for the transfer request. This message will be sent to the member who manages the record with a link to the memorial record in question, even if there is not an email address listed on their profile.
Memorial Naming Conventions
(as per Find a Grave guidelines)
"If a hyphen or an apostrophe is part of the name, use the punctuation. A period should be used after an abbreviated name, for example a middle initial. If the full name is known, use the full name and not the initial. Suffixes, Prefixes, Titles, or honorary do not belong in any Name Field.
To add a Prefix or Suffix, check the box under the name fields. Choose from the dropdown menus. There is also an option to type in the Prefix at the top of the Prefix menu."
"Include the last name on the headstone. Other married names can be included in the last name field as all surnames are searchable. The 'maiden name' is only for the maiden name."
Maiden name
"Maiden name of a married individual, if known (otherwise leave blank); the maiden name is automatically italicized and traditionally is used if the individual was married and took the spouse's last name as their new last name. If the deceased was never married, then the last name is placed in the Last Name field, NOT in the Maiden Name field.
New options for Searching Records
Before adding a new record to a cemetery, in the Last Name field enter the Surname, then select the drop-down arrow beside the "SEARCH" and check-off Include: Maiden Name, and/or any other variables. This will capture all the records, thus preventing duplicates.

"Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, so loved, so missed, so very dear.";

"To live in the hearts of others, is to live forever".

Find a Grave Guidelines for photo requests when there is no headstone
"What if there is no headstone? Some people fulfill the photo request with photographs of the area where the individual was buried. In the photo's description, please indicate that there is no headstone and give specifics as to where the grave is - such as right next to the headstone for someone else or to the left of the tree."

Continue to enjoy your day! ~ Linda

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