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During the summer of 2010 I began to research my family tree. It has been extremely addicting! I have had quite the pursuit in finding biological family--especially the grandfather with no name. DNA testing was able to find what went to the grave with my biological grandmother...

September 1945 My mother was born in New York City. She never knew her biological father. She was born out of an affair and was adopted within the family.

June 2015 I had my DNA tested through Ancestry and I immediately had a match to a 2nd cousin, matching 236.0 cM, who was not in my tree... In reviewing this 2nd cousin's tree it was clear that the connection HAD to be through my mom's biological father (whom we know nothing about). I was a DNA newbie and I had NO IDEA what I was doing... After researching how to use DNA to find biological parents my quest began to find my biological father and my mother's biological father. I started researching how my DNA results can help me. I joined a few groups on Facebook that have others doing the same thing and give great advice.

December 2015 A member on the Facebook group, DNA detectives, suggested that I build a mirror tree. I had to recreate my 2nd cousin's tree by making this "mirror tree" and attach MY DNA to her, the home person, in that tree. In creating her tree I had to research it as far back and as deep as I could. She did not have many people in her tree to begin with... Many many hours were spent on this project!!! The goal was to then hopefully get a DNA "hint" match to someone on Ancestry that I shared a hint/leaf with in HER "mirror" tree. I was pretty sure I was working on my mother’s biological father’s line. So, much of my work was spent adding names and ruling out men who could not be my mom's bio father-- because of their age or ethnicity. All the while hoping that I would get a DNA hint match to my "mirror" tree.

February 14, 2016 I checked my mirror tree and sure enough I had an ancestor hint to someone!! Then literally 2 days later I had another. So all my work was finally paying off. I cannot tell you my excitement!!!

Then I researched how the connection between me, my 2nd cousin match, and other DNA matches, through the hints, would look on paper. I added the two other matches to her tree and I worked backwards to fill in as much as I could on my paper connection. To be 2nd cousins there can only be so many different possibilities so I ruled out the obvious and keep going. This led me to Mary Miller, Eliza Ellwood's daughter with Barnabus Miller. I began adding links on Find a Grave to her family, especially after finding her photo on Ancestry... realizing my mother greatly resembles her.

Subsequently, I am so close to solving this mystery. It's amazing to me that there is no one alive to tell me anything about who my mom's biological father is but that DNA could solve the mystery in the end!

March 30, 2016 I got confirmation that Quintin S. Sykes, the man my mother insisted was my bio father, IS my bio father. His daughter, Sueanne, sent me a message telling me she finally got her DNA tested and I was to guess, “Who do you think is my top match?” That’s right me!!!!! She had her DNA tested through www.familytreedna.com I had already uploaded my DNA there so I immediately logged in to look at my matches. Sure enough, there she was, my top match too! We match 2246.16 cM. After we first met, in 2001, I was pretty certain we were half siblings but it is satisfying having proof. As a result, DNA proves that I have one half-sister and four half-brothers. It took me 49 years but I am finally sure who he is, who I am!!

December 24, 2017 I checked my Ancestry DNA matches and I had another extremely close match on my mother's bio father's side. We share 444 cM across 24 DNA segments. (That's 208 more cM than my first match). I knew this was good and within 72 hours of emails back and forth, with my match, I was able to determine which man was my mom's bio father by placing him in the city where my mother was conceived. It is surreal to me, to finally know who he is and to know that my DNA test and my matches was the ONLY way I could have ever solved this. The journey has been long with my ups and downs but patience prevailed! And now I know his identity and have a photo of him when he was 18 years old. I found he had two other children, one has passed on and one is alive in her 70's. From my understanding this knowledge would be unsettling to her so for now I will not be telling her. We will see what the future holds. Hopefully one day she will be open to meeting us. If not, it is what it is and we can't change the past, we can only embrace it. If you would like to read more details and see the awesome photos I have found please read my blog post:
Indentifying my bio grandfather using only DNA

Whew, oh yes, I am a special education teacher and I'm married with one son and a step daughter.

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On my biological father's side I have found that I have 15 ancestors that were passengers on the Mayflower-

4 Brewster: Elder William Brewster, my 10th great grandfather and his wife. Also two son's Love & Wrestling my 9th great grand uncles.

4 Fuller: Samuel Fuller my 9th great grandfather, and my 9th great grand uncles Edward Fuller and William Fuller. Also, Mrs. Edward Fuller.

3 Eaton: Francis & Sarah Eaton my 9th great grand parents, along with their infant son, Samuel, my 8th great grandfather.

4 Billington: My 9th great grandfather Francis, his parents Eleanor & John; my 10th great grandparents, and my 9th great grand uncle, John.

A few of my direct lines cross twice. I also discovered that about 437 years ago I have direct ancestors in common with my husband through the Fuller family who were Mayflower passengers. My husband's surname is Fuller so this means we are 12th cousins.

I'm also researching my sister's father's Duffey, Earlywine, Jefferies, and Bay ancestors and my brother's Personett(e) ancestors and my mother's Kohler/Kolar, Ballas, Miller, Ellwood, Devore, Stephon/Stephan, Neff, Youngen, Penrod, and Barrone ancestors.

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