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Researching the Wrights, Graves, Shelton, Davis, Green, Wilson, Barkers, Gerens, Thompson, Farmers, Hoopers and Cartwrights. If I enter incorrect information please let me know. I am also researching the Still family buried at Red Hill, Elijah and Letha Ann are my 4th great grandparents. I am not willing to transfer the Still Memorials at Red Hill unless they are your grandparents etc.

Some of my favorite Epitaphs:
1. When the mists shall rise above us, as our father knows his own,Face to face with those that love us, We shall know as we are known. Lo behold the orient meadows. Floats the golden fringe of day, Heart to heart,we bide the shadows Till the mists have cleared away. Memorial# 69852171
2. We had a little treasure once. He was our joy and pride. We loved him ah perhaps too well. For soon he slept and died. All is dark within our dwelling. Lonely are our hearts today. For the one we loved so dearly has forever passed away. Memorial # 70274957
3. From obscurity he ascended to honor and great usefulness. His feet were firmly planted on Christ and the great doctrines of salvation. His great soul was melted into tenderness before the cross. The benevolence of heaven moved his heart zeal for a lost world inspired all his powers, While from behind the cross he portrayed the glories of the redeemed and the despair of the dammed with that native eloquence which bore down all before it. Memorial #69813979
4.Stranger walk lightly on this grave. Here lies my boy W.F. Richey who never spoke an oath in his life. He died shouting free salvation for everybody. Memorial# 69933101
5. Sheltered And Safe From Sorrow. Memorial # 100110355
6. Beside a river that knew no end, by the waters running free. I felt a yearning in my heart and wished that it was me.Memorial# 72702229
7. She giveth his beloved sleep. Memorial#58950376
8. Dearest sister thou hast left us, Here thy loss we departing feel; but the God who hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.Memorial # 73857921
9. Just as the morning of his life, Was opening in to day. His young and lovely spirit passed, From earth and grief away.# 72327660
10. Earth has no sorrows that heaven can not heal.
# 71961259
11. Step softly A dream lies buried here # 17165606
12. Death leaves a heartache difficult to heal;
Love leaves sweet memories no one can steal.
13. Dearest loved one we have laid thee In thy peaceful grave embrace. But thy memory shall be cherished. Till we see thy heavenly face. #71560694
14. A Little Time On Earth He Spent. Till God For Him His Angel Sent. Memorial 71234979
15. While you rest in peaceful sleep. Your memory we shall always keep. Memorial 70827542
16. Darling husband he has left us. Left us yes forever more. But we hope to meet our loved one, On that bright and happy shore.Memorial# 5566939
17. "Molly tho pleasant in her day Was sudd'nly siezed and sent away How soon shes ripe how soon shes rottin Sent to her grave & soon for gottin."Memorial #6393238
18. As the storm the Most beautiful blossoms broke
The death of your young heart Rest in God's peace
Hope lessens the pain. Memorial 96825234
19. Sure hope it's better where you went than where you've been. A.H. Hill - Son - 1982 memorial 45800206.
20. Wanderer stay a while and pray for me. Soon there shall be another. To stay and pray for Thee
memorial 120066999
21. Persecuted for wearing the beard. Memorial # 44843658
22. A fairer bud of promise never bloomed.# 31382490
23. Dearest mother thou hast left us. Here our loss we deeply feel. But tis God that hath bereft us, he can all our sorrows heal.Memorial# 71206262
24. There was an angel band in heaven. That was not quite complete. So God took our darling Lavada to fill the vacant seat.Memorial# 86035899
25. She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Memorial# 71205223
25. Her spirit shines from that bright shore, And softly whispers, "Weep no more". Memorial# 72664225
26. Death lies on her, like an untimely frost upon the sweetest flower of them all. Memorial# 141728124
27. God in his wisdom has recalled the beam this love has given. And tho the body slumbers here. The soul is safe in heaven. Memorial# 141782607
28. Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of heaven.Memorial# 141622542
29. I have so many memories,
memories I must keep.
Forever they'll be with me,
even while I sleep.Memorial# 111090951
30. ANTIQUES AND LOVE ARE FOREVER Memorial# 109077994
31. Home is the sailor Far and wide were his travels,Full and rich his life Restless as the sea,Alive as the Earth.Memorial# 82994451
32. Here lies Bill Burch who never missed a day of church.He loved his family - friends and fun
and on his ankle was always a gun. Memorial# 33419615
33. May eternal damnation be Upon those in Whaling Port.Who, without knowing me,Have maliciously vilified me.May the curse of God
Be upon them and theirs. Memorial# 21247808
34. As the storm the Most beautiful blossoms broke The death of your young heart Rest in God's peace Hope lessens the pain Memorial# 96825234
35."I told you I was sick." Memorial# 7968130
36. My wife Eleanor Arthur of Queens, NY lived like a princess for 20 years traveling the world with the best of everything. When I went blind, she tried to poison me, took all my money, all my medication and left me in the dark alone and sick. It's a miracle I escaped. I won't see her in heaven because she's surely going to hell!Memorial# 135058953
37.God needed one more angel child. Amidst his shining band. And so he bent with loving smile. And clasped our darling's 70908214
38. Little children are his jewels. Memorial 86111605
39.The saddest noise in the world is the last heartbeat. Memorial 71560577
40.Where the roses never fade.158132350
41.Memorial#Aged 39 y'rs, 3 m's, 25 d's
Green be the turf above thee,
Son of our early days.
None knows thee but to love thee
None wanted thee but to praise. memorial 83494390
42.Tis but the casket lies here. The gem that filled it sparkles yet.
43. Yes god took you it was his will and in our hearts your memory lives still, but only a star shines over the grave of the one we loved but could not save." Memorial# 114886493
44.Not now, but in the coming years it will be in a better land,We'll read the meaning of our tears,
and then sometime, we'll understand.Memorial# 7944187
45. We loved her yes we loved her. But angels loved her more. And they have kindly called. To yonder shining shore. The golden gate was open. A gentle voice said come. And with farewell unspoken, she calmly entered home. Memorial # 71232373
46. Beloved how we miss you. FAG # 8949060
47. The light of her young life went down As sinks behind a hill The glory of a setting star Calm suddenly and still. FAG # 195287236
48. "Now give me a drink of water and let me go home." FAG #80753756
49. She has gone from Earth to Heaven. Gone to lean on Jesus breast. And we've lost our loving Mother. Yet we know her soul is at rest. FAG # 71221669

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