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The main thing I want to tell you is please read the FAQ's before contributing to this site in any way including suggesting corrections. Volunteers shouldn't have to clean up other volunteers messes. Even if all we can do is forward messes on to Find A Grave to deal with - that's still time we could've spent doing anything else.

The next main thing I want to tell you is this is a site for memorials. And memorials are little more then a headstone. Since they're free there's no reason not to add somebody's full name. There's a space for everything & everything should go in it's space (nicknames, maiden names). You can also add their full dates & birth & death locations. You can post whether or not they were buried & if buried where...including the plot. You can state whether or not they have a headstone or if the stone is damaged in some way. Also, if their headstone has info other than name/dates you can post the extra info as well. You can add a bio or an obit. And finally, you can link to parents & spouse(s). You can't link to sibs or children.

Too many have mistaken this site as a genealogical site & it's not. I've seen people post all kinds of census info where the bio/obit is supposed to be. That stuff belongs in a tree not on a memorial. If you want an online tree I recommend Family Search because it's free.

Memorials that aren't sponsored can only have so many pics. So they should be pics of the person, the person & their family, the person's headstone, the person's house or a document like their death certificate. If you accidentally post the wrong thing only you can delete it - whether you manage the memorial or not. If you refuse to delete something on a memorial somebody else manages you will likely be reported & could very well be banned from this site.

Graphics go in the flowers/notes section. You can learn more about your "scrapbook" for the flowers/notes section in the FAQ's.

As far as transferring memorials - there's really no reason. If there's an error or you know the links to parents/spouse(s) you can suggest edits. Unless the manager denies them they will be automatically done within 30 days if not sooner. You can also report duplicate memorials via the suggest edits button. And if you have a bio or an obit you can click the suggest edits button then click on the "suggest other corrections" button. If the manager hasn't done it within 30 days you can contact Find A Grave & they will. But once everything's done there's nothing else you can do so again - there's really no reason to transfer them around.

You should know this is Find A Grave's site & they can do whatever they please without notification. Just because you add somebody & appear as the "manager" of their memorial don't make it yours. Some of my memorials have been merged with newer duplicates yet the manager of the dup has retained management. Some of my other memorials have been deleted without good reason. So now pretty much the only time I contribute to this site is when I visit a cemetery & photograph the entire thing.

I'm my family's genealogist & I have online trees a couple of places. Because they're free places therefore limited I post any/all images here & then link to Find A Grave memorials. Please do not steal the things I post here to post on another online site (especially If they're in your trees too you can add their basic info if you must & then link to their memorials like I do.

To any family that wants to help - the best thing you can do is make sure your branch is added here & that they're info's complete & correct. Full names, b & d dates, b & d locations & linked to parents & spouse(s). Thanks :)

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