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My young cousin, Lauria Bible, has been missing from Welch OK since 1999. We recently realized she & her friend Ashley Freeman were murdered. All the murderers have said about their "burial location" was they were thrown into a pit in Picher. Now 2 of the murderers are dead & the 1 that was actually arrested isn't talking.

When I came here to add a memorial for Lauria I realized her friend Ashley had a memorial but it's been deleted. Why I don't know. She was declared legally dead in 2010. If she doesn't already have a stone near her parents & brother I'm sure she will. So I added her again then added her to her parents cemetery & noted on memorial that it was a cenotaph (empty tomb) for now.

I added a Tulsa World Newspaper article to the memorials. And I marked Lauria's "body missing or destroyed" as that's the truth. Indeed...these are not your typical unknown burials. But someone almost immediately complained - about the newspaper article being too graphic & the unknown burials.

I don't see how a newspaper article can be fine for the paper but not for Find A Grave. Still I removed it. And I contacted Find A Grave about this complainer & his complaints. But rather then reply somebody deleted these 2 memorials I added without any discussion or warning what-so-ever. And the complainer posted on Ashley's dad's memorial anonymously "Find A Grave does not want memorials for Danny's daughter Ashley and her friend Lauria Bible, as they do not have an actual burial location. They've been removed three times and it's best to not add them until knowledge of interment is known."

Funny how some here know the rules when it applies to others but not themselves. You're not supposed to post such things in people's flowers/notes section but "anonymous" did. And he's lying. Lauria was only added once & Ashley twice.

So Find A Grave's deleting unknown burials now. I was able to bring them back but I'm sure they'll be deleted again & for good next time. Well don't forget about my very great 1/2 uncle Sequoyah. His family & friends buried him in a cave then forgot which one so he'll likely never be found. But Find A Grave manages him because he was famous. They manage several famous unknown burials.

Indeed - GRAVE LOCATION SITE - why do you have "buried @ sea" or "cremated" or "body donated to science" or "body lost or destroyed" if we're not allowed to use them?!?!?!

I have a tree & I add links to Find A Grave memorials to it. This isn't the first time Find A Grave has either deleted my memorials or merged one w/ a dup then gave management to the other manager because they lied about a burial location so their dup wouldn't get deleted. They're making the links in my tree null & void. That makes their site worthless to me.

This is the last time this site will delete or merge my things without so much as a warning. If they had a button I could hit that would delete everything I've contributed to this site over the last 8+ years I would've hit it the minute they sold out to Ancestry. Instead I'll have to do it slowly but surely. Then I'll move on to strictly memorial sites who don't care about burial locations & strictly burial location sites who don't care about memorials. Unless you want a nearly constant headache - I suggest you do the same.

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