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My genelogy starts with my father Richard De Waine Hand SR.(60643908),6 months ago i become intriged with finding long lost relatives.This is article day I was born.

Mr 3rd Great-Grandfather left Capemay,New Jersey and moved to Iowa.

One Stop Service
MT. Pleasant-Newly born babies and filling station restrooms are an unlikely mix,but in this modern day impatient world unlikely mixes sometimes happen.

Late Sunday afternoon, a unwed Burlington women stopped at MT. Pleasants Bentler 66 station to use the restroom.

When in due time, she did not return to the car two women accompanying her went to investigate.
They found the young women giving birth to a boy,an ambulance was called and a filling station attendent,ambulance driver,and an off-duty policeman,assisted in the delivery.

The women and child were taken to Henry County Memorial hospital where they were reported in fine condtion Tuesday.Authorities are withholding names at family request.

Filing station Manager Tony Bentlers comment: we provide complete, one stop service

After 45 years after this happened, I found owner and attendent of Bentlers Phillips 66 station and wanted to meet them and this is article that was in my hometowns newspaper after I met the guys who delievered me.

Man born in gas station meets delivery helpers

MOUNT PLEASANT, Ia. — Oct. 4, 1970, started as a normal day for Bob Derr, who was working as an attendant at the Mount Pleasant Bentler 66 station.

He was catering to cars as they came through and initially took little notice when a car with three women pulled up and one of the women headed for the bathroom. He continued working as normal until he realized the woman had been in the bathroom for a long time.
“I just kept thinking, ‘Gee, she’s been in there a long time,’ ” Derr told the Hawk Eye.
After about a half hour, Derr went to go check on the woman and found her in labor in the bathroom.
Derr called an ambulance, police and the gas station’s owner, Tony Bentler.
The baby was born in the gas station before the ambulance was there.
The new mother and child were then transported to Henry County Memorial Hospital, where physician Harold “Pete” Rankin checked the health of the new mom and baby.
“I always wondered what the child was up to all the time,” Derr said.
He got his answer Sept. 22, when Richard Hand of Burlington came to visit Derr, Bentler and Rankin to thank them for taking care of his mother during her delivery.
“She used to always say after she passed (the station) that I (should) go and thank the people who helped with my delivery,” Hand said.
Hand’s unusual birth made local newspapers, and Hand’s mom had a copy of the articles tucked away in a scrapbook. After his mother died in January, Hand decided to fulfill his mother’s wish and thank the attendants.
“I was so nervous when I made the phone call (setting up a meeting),” Hand said. “I called once, then hung up and tried to call again,” Hand said.
Hand’s birth will forever stick in the three men’s minds.
“I’ve had deliveries in elevators, hallways and in cars, but he’s the only delivery I was a part of that happened at a gas station,” Rankin said.
Bentler said Hand’s mom was lucky it was his bathroom she gave birth in.
“We had the cleanest bathrooms in Iowa,” Bentler said.
Hand said his birth also was a surprised to his aunts, who were waiting in the car while their sister was in labor at the gas station.
“When my aunt Vicky got to check on my mom, she was shocked to hear a baby crying. No one, not even my mom, knew she was pregnant,” Hand said.
As the four remembered the day, they exchanged photos of the gas station and of Hand as an infant.
“I’ve never actually seen what the gas station looked like until now,” Hand said.
The place of Hand’s birth is now a used furniture store in Mount Pleasant, but the story of the baby born in a gas station won’t be forgotten.
I recently did dna test for gedmatch heres my kit number G490544
Also I started a page on facebook for relatives of mine if you would like to join free of charge,maybe you'll even meet new relatives,
And below is my genelogy,if anything is incorrect, would love to hear what you have found.Sorry if I have duplicated any buriels, send me a message and I'll be glad to delete those, thanks for reading my bio.

Thomas Hand (1646 - 1714)
8th great-grandfather
Mary Talmage (1650–1702)
8th great-grandmother

John Hand (1668 - 1735)
7th great-grandfather
Mercy Crowell (1670–1746)
7th great-grandmother

Silas Hand (1722 - 1770)
6th great-grandfather
Sarah Crowell (1722–1766)
6th great-grandmother

Elisha Hand Sr. (1752 - 1814)
5th great-grandfather
Esther Teal (1766–1802)
5th great-grandmother

Noah Hand (1789 - 1825)
4th great-grandfather
Cornelia Foster (1785–1866)
4th great-grandmother

Foster Japhet Winfield Hand (1817 - 1896)
3rd great-grandfather
Sarah Sally Ann Hendrickson (1818–1904)
3rd great-grandmother

Herschel J. "Painter" Hand (1847 - 1925)
great- great- grandfather
Nancy Jane Johnson (1847–1922)
2nd great-grandmother

Franklin Adrian Hand (1881 - 1963)
great grandfather
Elsie E McCannon (1889–1918)

Woodrow wilson Hand (1914 - 1981)
Faye Alta Harris 1914–2004
paternal grandmother

Richard De Wain Hand SR. (1948 - 1997)
father (60643908)
Bessie Inez Reynolds 1951–2015
mother (141557001)

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