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I am happy to receive edits but please do not ask me to post obituaries dated after 1923 unless you wrote them, hold the copyright, or have explicit permission from the writer. This is theft of intellectual property and a violation of US copyright law. If you wouldn't steal a book from a store, why would you steal writing from someone's webpage? You can write a bio yourself paraphrasing the information, but I will remove references to living individuals in most cases for privacy reasons.

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Early December:
The morning fog fades from the foot
of the rising hills where crows watch;
silent, ragged sentinels in the trees,
keeping vigil over the dead.

Below, the stones lie quiet,
unmoved by coming storms: Peaceful.
Rest in peace, they say :
“He is at peace now”, rest in peace.
And some who lie here indeed may,
may rest after long full lives …
goodbyes said, no regrets. In peace.

And yet …
There is a shiver of sound here,
just beyond the edge of hearing;
an endless murmur as of distant sleepers,
caught in unquiet dreams,
under the winter-browning grass -
restless beneath the weight of unlived years.

Sidney 2015

More than two decades ago my mother showed me a notebook she used when she was in high school to record some family history. I've been working on our genealogy ever since. Most of my research involves French Canadian and New England families, as well as my husband's Ohio German and Ukrainian roots.

I love the opportunity that Find A Grave offers for helping others find the missing pieces of their family "puzzles".

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