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My main purpose on find a grave was to make a lasting memorial of my loved ones for future generations to have and treasure. So many times important dates and information about life events and achievements get lost. We think after someone is gone...I wish I asked mom about her family. We all want to know where we came from.

I am searching family names from Southern Illinois: (Jerseyville; Greene Co.; surrounding area) Brown; Wallace; Bruce; Redman; Poor; Murphy and Hand. These are people on my fathers side.

Any of my pictures or information may be shared.

I use to take pictures of headstones, but in my area here in Illinois I have noticed that the cemeteries are now saying, they do not give permission for non family taking pictures of headstones. It is a challenge just to get a location of a headstone to take a picture. When I try to explain Find A Grave to them...they shut down.
Find A Grave...maybe its time to reach out to the cemetery community and explain what's going on. I have had some cemetery officials say that someone is making money off these pictures. Or a privacy issue...which might be a factor??
Anyway, not taking anymore headstone pic requests.


Death, why do you come to my thoughts
after so many a year? I never had time
for you or even gave you a care.

Now with trembling limbs I nudge close to
those slumber doors. Can I take a peek, NO!
Is that death making its self-known?

All my life I have not known you.
Now I can feel you lurking about…what’s
this ache? What’s this new pain?

I take a walk through fallen leaves and I
look about the sky and delight in the day.
Are there many more for me?

Why do I feel this way? Oh, I see
it’s the quiet one drawing me in.
Do I make friends with you? Will you be
kind in the end?

Do you have some hideous disease for me,
Or will you let me slip into slumber with
such ease? Oh, I’ve seen the pain others have had. Please tell me, what death will be mine?

Over time you have become a constant and
familiar companion. I don’t fear you as much
and know when you are near. When the end
is upon me and I know it will come, I
will welcome your presence like a long
awaited friend.

Guide me to my loved ones that are waiting for me. I have my place at the wedding supper you see. So when you come, come quickly for me, my dear friend.

by J Schneider

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