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I Lost, Though I Gain

I lost my innocence as a wee babe while I listened to my daddy physically and verbally abusing my mama in the night......yea, though I gained a Savior.

I lost my hope in kindness of all humanity as a girl who needed speech lessons in order to pronounce her s's correctly, who couldn't see without glasses of which other children believed was a means for comedy hour....yea, though I gained a Savior.

I lost my daddy to a cruel reality of drugs, addiction and the loss of life there-in when I was but a child.....yea, though I gained a Savior.

I lost my closest aunt when I was 8 years old, with Down Syndrome death was anticipated by age 3 for her but in the stead she came to her passing at 22....yea, though I gained a Savior.

I lost my very first true love to the wiles of sickness and disease that kill, while yet still a young lady of 17 and he 18 only....yea, though I gained a Savior.

I lost my first niece at birth, my baby brother lay his first born (daughter) to rest in the smallest casket we'd ever seen....yea, though I gained a Savior.

I lost my best friend as life just began placement of marriage and motherhood for us both, in the middle of our 20's, she was gone by auto accident just like that...yea, though I gained a Savior.

I lost a war against my marriages and families, torn by divorce for being so naive and negligent to the Will of God and the devil's charge against me....yea, though I gained a Savior.

I lost my closest of cousins, her being only 19 and 5 months into bearing her second son, had we not lost him too. No smaller casket required, within his mother's bosom lay he, nevermore apart.....yea, though I gained a Savior.

I lost babies as mid-life drew near, before the breath of life even entered their being because the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.....yea, though I gained a Savior.

I have lost much in this journey it seems, a second grandchild, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, the same, but I keep on walking forward, knowing....yea, though I have gained my Savior... Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Each step I take toward His righteousness and truths, and what I must endure through the meantime until the only soul lost is the devil alone!!! yea, though I GAIN a SAVIOUR on my way.

Wendy C. Wallace-Martin written November 2013

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