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PICTURES: You're welcome to use my photo's. If I created the memorial it's more than likely I will photo the stone. They're for all the genealogists who can't get to the cemeteries. I've been chewed out for adding pic's to my own memorials! Find A Grave says it my right! Your pic's will be flipped! Members go to a cemetery, retake pictures when so many graves aren't documented. When we work on a cemetery we're not in and out. We may be in the cemetery three to four hours. It takes a month or more depending on the size of the cemetery. Grandview Cemetery has taken us eight years & we're still working on it as well as Greenlawn. We go through memorials of a cemetery on Find A Grave, write names without a photo then search for the graves. It's time consuming but worth it to us to document a grave that hasn't been. We don't post to documented memorials unless I get a request to do so. We get a lot of those requests though. We clean the stones, weed, then take the picture. We've uncovered many stones. It's hard work but we've dedicated ourselves to this. Have a little consideration. Don't take a photo showing your body squatted in front of the stone. My photo's are used for genealogy. I see many on Ancestry. No one wants to have a photo with squatted bodies in pictures representing their history. Most of us aren't in it for the numbers. You can tell those who are. I check my memorials regularly.
I'm adding cut out obits to memorials that I will come back to, type in the bio, then remove. I can't remove yours, Find A Grave will. If I've added an obit there's no reason for you to do so. Please don't post them to the memorials. It's not permitted by Find A Grave. Type them out, send to me in an Edit. As I've always done, you will get credit. A good example: recently I posted a picture to a memorial that had a cut out obit on it. The obituary was not for that person! It was immediately removed. I plan on doing most of this work through the winter months, God willing.
BIOGRAPHY'S-What enters the Biography is decided by the Manager or Find A Grave, the Owners. I clarified this with the Administrators. My preference is obituaries. I no longer post Census, Births, Wills, Marriages or Divorces. Find A Grave says we don't need to write a book. I've had requests to remove some of the info members have sent as it's personal to the family & submitted by someone who's not related. Obituaries, death record only. I also decide what the Inscription will be for the memorial.
Transfers: (per Find A Grave)
"Please see Find A Grave Frequently Asked questions for more info:
How do I get a relative's memorial transferred to me?
First, determine if you really need the memorial transferred to you for management. Transferring of management should only be requested If you have extensive changes to make to a memorial. You can add photos and suggest corrections without having to request management. Simply having someone in your family tree is not grounds for a management transfer request. With hundreds of thousands of contributors, we have many overlapping family trees and it would be impossible for all contributors to manage their entire tree."
I will transfer parent's, siblings, grandparent's up to the fourth great grandparent. I will not transfer if deceased is part of my husband or my family line/if the deceased was a good friend.
I've researched Blanton, Bradley, Cantrell, Coldiron, Davis, Fairchild, Hines, Hitchcock, Jayne, McCarty, McKenzie, Nickell, Salyer, Stevens and Tackett, to name a few, for over 44 years. I didn't sit home gleaning data online. I went to court houses & libraries in many states to obtain documentation. I've walked many cemeteries. I'm here so the deceased will be remembered. Years ago my Papa passed his love of history on to me. Much devotion has gone into posting obits in the county I've lived in for over 66 years. It's sad to see friends passing & important to link them in death as well as life. Due to a heart attack I'm striving to get my memorials completed. When my time comes they'll be transferred to FAG. Find A Grave has been a huge part of my life for over 17 years. My experience has been rewarding. The letters I receive thanking me for contributing to their loved ones memory or helping them find a loved one has been uplifting. FAG has a few who don't know common courtesy. I don't check emails but once a week. Use the Edit function to submit your SAC's. I don't acknowledge emails unless an obituary has been sent. I don't decline without a reason. Don't send edits telling me what to post to the bio. I post obituaries or a death record only. Be careful relying on cemetery books to be correct. These are my & FAG's memorials to be dedicated to those no longer with us. I don't argue. It's not in the spirit of Find A Grave. I follow Find A Grave rules. I have for going on 18 years. I won't change that.
This is a genealogy site (per FAG), sister site to Ancestry.

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