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My husband and I are now going to the cemeteries so if I don't get directly to your edits I will a.s.a.p. I'm not on here as much when we hit the cemeteries.
EDITS: I know the importance of correct information. I've research my family for over 42 years.Don't send a notice, jumping on me for incorrect edits when it's your Edit's that make the mistakes. This is why I dislike the Edit system. A reason why I'm going to start completing my memorial's. A completed memorial means no Edits. So I welcome all Edits.
OBITUARIES: Don't post cut out obits in the Picture section. It's not permitted. Obit's belong in the Biography. This upset some but I did not make the rule, I follow it. Type obits in the Edits. I will add to the Bio giving you credit. The cut out obits are a lazy way out I guess. I will not argue over obituaries. I generally stay out of a territory if I know a member covers it. This is called common courtesy. Very little courtesy is shown on FAG these days. I experienced recently a member trying to swamp me with obits. I stopped it. This is my right as Manager of the memorials. During the Winter I work on the bio's. Through the Summer I'm in the cemeteries. I'm not changing what works for me for anyone. Keep in mind Find A Grave policy concerning Obituaries. No names of the living in the obituary and a source as to where it was located.
PICTURES: Don't fill the picture's with family photo's. One or two is fine. There must be room for photo's of stones & death certificates, etc. No obituary photo's from newspapers are permitted. You violate copyright laws. I don't add pictures to a memorial that already has one unless I'm asked to, which happens a lot in the county I'm from. So many graves are without photo's. We peruse the list of names, writing down those without pictures. This takes a little longer than going into a cemetery & snap, snap, snap. My intent is to take photo's of graves that have no pictures.
DUPLICATIONS: I like the new tool Find A Grave has that lets us know before adding a new memorial that one may already exist.
INSCRIPTIONS: I submit what is on the stone, excluding name and dates as this is already included in the memorial.
Transfers: I will transfer parent's, siblings, grandparent's up to the fourth great grandparent. I will not transfer if the deceased is a part of my husband or my family line or if the deceased was a good friend. I do not transfer cousins per FAG.
This is a genealogy site (per FAG), sister site to Ancestry.

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