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I follow Find A Grave guidelines. I do not bend them or break them. The guidelines were created for a reason. Find A Grave also advises we do not own the memorials we create. They belong to Find A Grave. We only manage them. There's no bosses here. No one can tell you what to do or how to do it. You don't have that authority. Only Find A Grave Administrator's do.


Genealogy has been my passion for over 40 years. It's exciting going to different states and counties so I could knock down those concrete walls. I've met so many nice people. We've all remained life long friends. To get respect, you must show respect. I've been a member of Find A Grave for over 14 years. What an experience it has been! I'm glad in my life I don't have anyone who shows disrespect like they do on here.


Duplicates are not permitted on Find A Grave. If I have made one contact me and I will immediately remove it. All that's necessary is the word "duplicate". It was not intentional. After all I'm not perfect and neither are you. Nasty notices are not necessary & not permitted.


Edits-I enjoy edits in that I can work on the bio of the deceased. Please, when sending them, make sure your information is correct. That's the only thing I don't like about edits so I've begun to check them out before allowing it. Since I usually spend 3-4 hours photographing at a time, it makes sense I also would want to work on the biographies.


I get a lot of requests to add first marriage surname as well as surname at time of death. I will not do this as it goes against FAG guidelines.

Per Find A Grave: How do I enter all married names for a woman's memorial when she was married more than once? "The 'last name' is the name that is on the headstone. Include other married names as part of the biography section. The 'maiden name' is only for her maiden name."

As explained to me by an FAG Administrator, memorials created must have name of deceased at time of death. This is what death records will have. The deceased may be buried next to 1st husband, (my mother is) usually because they had children, but only name at time of death is permitted, acknowledging other marriages in Biography section. Two last names are not permitted in surname box. Makes sense to me.


General photo guidelines:
•Only post photos for which you hold the copyright (meaning photos you took)!
•JPEG format preferred (.jpg or .jpeg).
•8.0 MB maximum file size.
•Cropped with no surrounding white space.
•No post-mortem photos.
•No photos taken from other web sites!!!


If I find obituary photo's in the picture section & the photo doesn't belong to you, I will have it removed. I will also have cut out obituaries in the photo section removed. Also if I've created a memorial it's more likely than not I will photograph it. If this happens your photo's will be pushed down.


Lastly, I have the amount of memorials I do because I work at it. I'm not in competition with anyone, not trying to rack up the so called "numbers" I see so many of you worrying about. I don't criticize members for the amount of memorials they have, many have much more than me. I figure they are going out and working at it & not sitting home whining about it. I really hate being hateful. The last 10 years on Find A Grave has introduced me to hatefulness & rudeness. If only FAG was like it used to be. Everyone got along, no one acted superior to members. I have finally come to a point where I no longer care what others say. I'll transfer the memorial to Find A Grave before I'll argue over it. Too many on here now are not here for the right reasons.


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