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Please don't post obituaries to the photo section. According to Find A Grave, one picture of deceased (if yours), three monument pictures and a death certificate are permitted. Obituaries belong in the biography section. Please send an edit with the obit typed out, with a source (also required by FAG). I will add it to bio giving you credit. If I find it in photo section, no credit will be given except to source. Also names of the living, if newer obits (according to FAG) must be omitted due to privacy issues. If I find an obit in the picture section I will remove it. Keep putting it on, I'll keep taking it off. I have all the time in the world to do this. This is an annoyance & totally disrespectful to Find A Grave (owners of the memorial) and to the manager of the memorial. I have to re-create the memorial. I'm not going to contact you & ask that it be removed. FAG states it shouldn't have been put on in the first place. I'M TO CONTACT THEM. I did not make this rule, FAG did. I type at least 25 obituaries some days & add to memorials. One should not be a problem for you to do. Thank you

Memorial photo's-Please feel free to use the photo's I've taken for your genealogy. I've noticed many of my photo's on Ancestry which is fine with me. Be advised, if I've created a memorial, I will more than likely visit the cemetery and photograph the stone to go along with the memorial. This is my right as manager of the memorial. I received flack from a member because I posted my own photo's, after theirs. Find A Grave says this is perfectly alright. When my husband & I take photo's, we may be in a cemetery 4-5 hours a day & work on the cemetery a month or more. We don't just go into a cemetery, snap, snap & that's it. This is my preference, to go out, find the graves and document them. Unless it's a request, I don't post pictures to members memorials if a picture is already present. That grave has already been documented. You're just adding duplicate photo's & taking up space for a photo of deceased or death certificate. We make a list of names without photo's before we go to a cemetery. That way we don't duplicate photo's on a memorial. There are so many graves not photographed. Why not document them so they can be remembered instead of duplicating photo's of graves already photographed?

Please do not merge the Evergreen Union Cemeteries in Waverly, Pike County, Ohio. These are two separate cemeteries on different sides of U.S. 23. This happened once and what a mess that was. One is on Bridge St. in Waverly, the other is on Denver Rd. outside of Waverly.

Also be advised, due to the rudeness of some members, I do not read nor open any SAC'S that come from certain members. It might be ok to some to treat others disrespectfully here, it's not ok with me. We are equal here. Not one of you are superior nor mistake free. A lot of members are under the false idea that they own the memorials they've created. According to Find A Grave we manage our memorials, they belong to Find A Grave. No one has a right to order anyone around. I closed my message center due of the lack of class some of our members have shown. I want to thank those members who send me letters of appreciation. Those letters make my work on here worth it. I'm retired so a lot of work goes into the Biography section too. Right now I'm working on obituaries for the deceased in the last 50 years. I'm not concentrating on the most recent. As soon as it warms up we will be back out there documenting graves. That's what Find A Grave is about. Also to discredit a member on your bio page, according to FAG, is not allowed. This is not the spirit of Find A Grave. I don't visit a members bio page unless it's to get their ID# to transfer a memorial. Unfortunately last year I found my name being discredited several times. (Thank you Administrator's for removing their rude comments.) I also do not hide behind my name. I've had this name on here for over 14 years. A member suggested this because choose not to associate with them, which is my right. I don't criticize a member for the amount of memorials they have. Many have much more than me. I give them a thumbs up, but only if they don't duplicate memorials or photo's on a memorial. This is what Find A Grave is about. Finding the graves of those who have passed before us.

Edits-I welcome edits in that it gives me an opportunity to work on the biography of the deceased. I don't accept edits unless I check it first. I've work on my family genealogy for over 40 years. I know the importance of accuracy. According to FAG only 20 edits (SAC) a week from a member is permitted. I have 21 days to complete. Even though I try to get to regular edits right a way, I have over 20 days to complete. I've received so many inaccurate edits. That is why I choose to check them out first.

Duplicates are not permitted on Find A Grave. If I've made one, it was not intentional & will gladly remove it. After all, I'm not perfect, but then neither are you.

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