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I have amended my E-Mail address, because I am perpetually receiving messages from African princes and Asian Prime Ministers who have been deposed and have no-one to whom they can leave their fortunes, so they have selected me to inherit all their worldly goods if I will give them the details of my bank account.
My new address is:


(because my name is too long to write out or speak, so most people call me I.Mac, and because I have an iMac computer, and because the number of my house is 88, and because there are 88 keys on a piano. In spite of what has been charged against me, it has nothing to do with the fact that H is the eighth letter of the alphabet and 88 is, therefore, used by certain individuals as a code for Heil Hitler)

then there is an @

and then there is icloud

and, finally, there is .com

Let us hope that does the trick.

Please note: I am not in the best of health at the moment (written in May 2018). It is nothing serious, and I expect to have made a full recovery by the end of the year. However, it may be some time before I reply to any messages, for which I apologise.

Update (October 2018): I am still alive, and in no danger at all, but am feeling a bit rough, and my convalescence is taking longer than was expected. Also, although my computer is working perfectly well (which is more than I am), I am having all sorts of problems with my E-Mails. If you have sent me one and I have not replied, please rest assured that I shall do so as soon as I can.

Another update (November 2019): This is taking ages! I am still alive, and I could be far worse, but I could be better, too.

And another update (April 2020): Fortunately, the Corona virus seems to have kept away from me, so far at least. I should be in hospital now, having my sinuses straightened out and a cyst removed, which would, I hoped, have put an end to this interminable period of indisposition. Even though it looks as though I may have to wait forever and a day, it may be just as well that my operation keeps being delayed, as the last place anyone would wish to be right now is in a hospital. (The word for a disease acquired in an infirmary is nosocomial, should you wish to enrich your word power and impress everyone with your vocabulary.)

I am a North Londoner of Irish Protestant and Anglo-Indian (or, to be more accurate, Hiberno-Caledonian-Anglo-Dutch-Huguenot-Indian) parentage. I was trained as a mathematician but, at the moment, am working only part-time. I have travelled a lot; not only around the British Isles, but also throughout: Europe; Africa; America (North only; I have yet to cross the Rio Grande, never mind the Panama Canal, although I have been to the States quite a few times and once ventured to Fidel's island for three weeks and, two decades later, across the Forty-Ninth Parallel for a month, and should like to go back to Cuba and Canada again, sometime); Asia; and Australia. Unfortunately, most of those voyages were undertaken before the invention of the digital camera, so I can't show you too many of the graves I saw when I was abroad. When I am not travelling or working, or painting or acting, I am learning to play the piano and various woodwind instruments. I try (or tried; obviously, I can't do any of these things until I get better) to keep my body fit with cycling and swimming and karate, as well as by never drinking alcohol or coffee, or smoking, or eating flesh, or fowl, or fish, and I try to keep my mind fit with chess and crosswords and reading.

Please note; I am forever running around this world (as Jefferson Airplane once sang), and seldom check the computer when I am on my wanderings; but, if you write to me, I shall make sure that I answer on my return. Similarly, I am always happy to change my submissions if you notice that anything is missing, but it may better to inform me of this by a private message or an E-Mail, as the "Edits" tend to vanish after a month or so.


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