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Have worked with a local genealogy group in Walton County for a while, photographing graves in area cemeteries. Enjoy very much finding another cemetery that is not well-known and making available the information found there.
I have become persuaded of one thing while working area cemeteries. When I meet these people in Heaven, whose headstones I've photographed and whose obituaries I've helped post, it will be apparent to me when I see them as to who they are. I'll be able to say, "You are so-and-so, who was buried at such-and-such a cemetery. I took a photo of your headstone, and there were two (or three or however many) children's graves beside you." If it is not public knowledge right away as to why his children died so young, I can ask that person there, and find out what happened. I may be giving license to an over-active imagination, but the Scripture does say that we have no idea what is in store for us over there, and these fanciful ideas that pop up about these things may come no where close to what all will actually be the case when we find ourselves in Heaven.
Well, how do we get there? We should do good deeds, you might say; and that's good, but it will never pay our way into Heaven. It's like a street urchin thinking that by giving two pennies he has found on the street to a millionaire that he happens to meet, that somehow the wealthy person will be enriched by his gift. The gift is good, but it doesn't make a dent in the financial situation of the other.
No, we must be covered by something much more valuable than good deeds, or acquired finances, in order to find ourselves in Heaven. We must be covered with that which cannot be bought--the Blood of Jesus Christ, who allowed His Blood to be let out so that all our sins and our sinfulness could be atoned and done away with. He also did more than that, for He rose again from the dead after three days, showing that He has power not only over death, but over sin, over the grave, and over all that can stand between us and Him in Heaven.
So, there are many people I plan to meet in Heaven, who have also believed in the finished work of Jesus, who have believed that what He did for them is enough to take care of all that can come between them and a loving heavenly Father, a Father who wants them to be with Him, and Who sent His Son to make that way possible. I invite you to ask Jesus to forgive your sins and sinfulness as well, so you can also meet many people in Heaven, the ancestors you research, the many genealogical links that you work to establish, and the people living that you enjoy being with here on earth. The way to Heaven that Jesus has provided in His finished work is the only sound way to arrange for a definitely promising future in eternity. I invite you to ask Jesus to forgive you sins and come into your life be your Lord and Savior.
The other option, Hell, is one of separation, anguish, and never-ending disappointment and screaming terrors. I encourage you to make arrangements to miss that place--with all possible speed!
You have a loving Heavenly Father Who desires to meet you, and a lot of friends and family to meet and talk with and get to know--don't miss out on any of it!
"To the pagan, life was the road to death; man was characteristically a dying man; but Jesus came with the good news that we are on the way to life and not to death." -William Barclay

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