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I am not just a "manager" for these memorials, but a virtual caretaker for their final resting places. I help families get and stay connected through the generations. This is a position of trust, and I treat it as such.
July 2021: I've recently had several memorials passed to me from other users at Rose Hill Memorial Park of Tulsa. I have been methodically going through the memorials individually, matching duplicates, finding family, adding and updating data, including the dozens of requests I receive daily. I am grateful I can make these changes with corrected information showing immediately.

Do I "need" 1000s of memorials? No. But, I do know I'm making a difference. My attention to detail and ability to find accurate information is not hampered because I'm not related to these individuals. I put the same time and attention into each of these as I would those in my own tree (if not more!). Please don't assume my reasoning or intentions based on my number of memorials. If anything, at least in my case, if you measured the number of corrections made, it would be a truer reflection of my efforts. Thankfully, I am one of many volunteers that are doing the same things. Even if my personal numbers get bigger, I ultimately care more about better. I'm not the only one.

Some common mistakes and assumptions:
♦ That a last residence is the same as where a person passed away. A person may not have ever even lived at a "last residence", much less died there;
♦ Not verifying an actual city name, especially where a county name matches a city (e.g. Just because someone passed away in Tulsa County (OK), does not mean they passed away in the city of Tulsa;
♦ Mistaking the name carrying over from a first/prior marriage is a maiden name;
♦ "Nicknames" that are actually names (e.g. not every Joe is a Joseph);
♦ That information without sources is true and accurate;
♦ That sourced information contains all accurate data;
♦ What is listed in an index or record is accurate and the same as viewing the record directly;
♦ That people tell the truth and/or give accurate knowledge when providing information;

You are able to correct / remove a mistake you make in a suggested edit. From your profile page, click on "Suggested Edits." Near the top, click on "Suggestions I've Sent". Find the edit you wish to remove (edit), and select "Remove Request". Then go back to the memorial you wanted to change and enter the correction, and submit as usual.

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