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I've been researching my ancestral history for several decades. Rigorous research into my family's genealogy has been a natural fit for me. Paramount in my pursuit of the past is to secure irrefutable, verifiable documentation that can only be discovered through hard work -pertinent facts that the mere passerby cannot obtain by simply reading dates and names engraved on weathered stone. My quest for proof of life requires much more than patience, time, energy, comfortable shoes with good soles needed when exploring historic cemeteries. It really helps to have a loving spouse who is willing to accompany one on field trips to national and regional archives, perusing dusty, giant tomes and fragile, faded documents in courthouses. To be a really good genealogist, one must possess a lust for learning, quest for knowledge, insatiable curiosity, and a reputation for being a bit of a sweet sleuth and beating down the bushes with the perseverance of a pit bull. And hopefully, in time, one digs up a nugget within a birth/marriage bond/death certificate, discovers an age-yellowed journal/diary/family Bible, a tattered scrapbook bulging at the seams with memorabilia, and precious, delicate, artifacts. Preserving the past with respectful, reflective passion.

My Memorials (those I created and those I manage) and my Virtual Cemeteries are works-in-progress. I appreciate all the fine details that help flesh-out the biographies of loved ones whose lives were fully lived. CAVEAT EMPTOR: I'm not infallible. I respond positively to pleasant suggestions for corrections. If you leave a message on this profile page but have disabled the message feature on your profile, I will be unable to reply. FAG is an incredible venue that works great when everyone treats one another with respect and cooperation.

Sadly, there are FAG bullies who prefer to boss others in their race to rack up huge numbers of memorials - created and managed! They deliberately refuse to grant transfers to folks with the right to manage memorials of their own relatives. I'm NOT one of them! I'll be tickled to transfer your family folks to you, under FAG's rules on transfers.

If you wish to offer information regarding corrections, family links, or provide additional data that I can incorporate into an individual's bio, please click the 'Edit' tab on the memorial in question and use the "Suggest a Correction" link to send me an email. I'll be delighted to accommodate. Please don't post requests on my profile page - I'll see your SAC Edit/email and respond more quickly.

Per FAG and Ancestry policies regarding photos I have taken and/or biographies I have written: I hold the copyright, so kindly credit me if you post my pix or bios on any website. Thanks!

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