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A Quote from Charles and Ann Morse"The history of our grandparents is remembered not with rose petals but in the laughter and tears of their children and their children's children. It is into us that the lives of grandparents have gone. It is in us that their history becomes a future.


Please be kind...I've lost so many in the past year. If it's my family member I don't care to really but their Obit in. So don't ask.

Thanks I did get your emails---edits

╰⊰✿ Thanks For Your kind Notes & Messages to My Family & Friends ♥ & Emails!! Thanks for your support!

✿♥ ℒℴѵℯ ℴf My Famiℒy ♥✿

工 レo√乇 ㄚ◯∪

L٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ f٥гﻉ√ﻉг


My Step-Dad

My Grandma
╰⊰✿Grandma Larsen

Our Dads

Gramps╰⊰✿Grandpa Larsen

Gramps╰⊰✿Grandpa Rosenvall ༻✿

Aunt Gerry

╰⊰✿Uncle Arlo༻✿

╰⊰✿Uncle Wally

工 レo√乇 ㄚ◯∪



Please DO NOT claim my headstone photos as your own. Do not post my headstone photos from to any Find A Grave memorials AND please do not post any of my headstone photos to OR any other website.

Please see Below before you make an Edit Or Question it**


If you are new to Find A Grave Please DON'T ASSUME...Ask before you insult‚ And be NICE.

Please leave me a request through the edit button. I do not personally know everybody that I've created these memorials for Nor do thousands of other volunteers. Some, Yes I do or through my family. PLEASE Understand that it takes a lot of time making these & yes I do DO the research for linking the families together if it's available. Please keep that in mind before you send me something in a message or EDIT. I'm not after NUMBERS. Just the purpose of putting families together & helping families find lost loved ones.


��FLOWERS: PLEASE don't use the flower section as a place to add a bio for the memorial,that isn't where it belongs. If I happen to come across one on a memorial that I've created, I will ask you to remove it. I'll gladly add it to the bio...just send me an EDIT. If it isn't deleted in a timely amount of time I will ask to remove it. THANKS **If I just made the memorial...maybe wait at LEAST a few hours (up to 24-48) before you send me your EDIT REQUESTS please.** I'll try to get to your request as soon as I can. Please have some patience. I do work full time. Thanks!NO INFO OR PICTURES I HAVE ADDED TO ANY MEMORIAL CAN BE USED WITHOUT MY PERMISSION


Thanks for your Understanding. I DO realize I can't make everyone happy.

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