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Sadly, Salvarsan has passed away. Please consider visiting their Find a Grave memorial page and leaving some virtual flowers. Their enthusiasm for cemeteries and willingness to help future generations lives on through their contributions to Find a Grave.


Self-identifies as the only living expert on the Central Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery (CWVMC), previously known as the "Home Cemetery" in King.

Original Cemetery: I possess a complete set of burial records for the "original" part of the cemetery - as complete as there is, anyway. (Purportedly, the State of Wisconsin willfully destroyed the original burial records in the 1970s as part of a de-cluttering campaign). I also possess a set of gravesite maps for the original cemetery, which were not drawn until 1955 - or 67 years after the cemetery was established. Therefore, most burials prior to 1955 are mapped by location of headstone and not from an actual burial record.

At least two (2) and as many as four (4) or more veterans are buried in undocumented graves. The two (2) known, but undocumented, burials were combat veterans of the Civil War.

I have published four (4) books on the cemetery, which, in toto, document every burial from 1888-2013. The fourth book chronicles the hundreds of headstone inscription errors and numerous burial anomalies (and/or errors) through 2017:

The Muffled Drum (Civil War era)
The Ghostly Bugles (Post Civil War thru WWI)
The Third Volley (WWII thru 2013)
Vandalism of Neglect (Published 2018)

More info at my homepage (find link above).


You may consider my photos to be in the public domain with or without attribution.

Who would hold hostage - under the pretense of copyright - the photo of a grave stone?


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If you want to appropriately honor a service person and follow his/her customs, courtesies, protocols, (and federal law); there are only two instances in which a military rank should be applied as a prefix:

1) The person died during military service; or,

2) The person retired from the military. Which could be after 20+ years of service or a shorter period if due to disability.


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