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Please DO NOT transfer to me unless I ask. I will transfer back to those that do. I have caught MANY being sent to me without prior knowledge.

I’m DONE with this website. It’s a great genealogy tool, but it is nauseating to see people add recently deceased before their bodies are even in the ground. It’s revolting.

The majority of the remaining pages I have are those that are directly connected to me in some way. Why?? So they don’t get really-added by strangers...otherwise they’d be deleted. Please do NOT do any SAC on them. I have them the way I want to keep them and will NOT approve them.

Some thoughts---->>

--I've taken down MANY of my pictures (more of people) because they are being put on (without permission) pay-for websites. Therefore, no permissions will be granted for use other than where they are planted here on FAG. No exceptions. I have filed complaints with hosting websites (ISPs, etc) and will continue to do so as I see them. Sorry. But some have ruined it for all.

--It is NOT ethical to add PRE-NEED records for those that are LIVING AND FAG frowns upon it (It is in the FAQ). . If there is no death date, don't add it. It can and does distress family that may see it...yes, I HAVE experienced it.

--I do NOT condone DAILY CURRENT obituary stalking I think it's rude and a huge disregard to families. With that being said, I WILL add a recent death if it is someone that has completely touched my heart or is someone I know and/or am related to. Day to day stalking of current obituaries is NOT cool and I do NOT do it.

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