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I am sorry, but I am no longer able to hunt photographs and place them here, for you to discover. I received a notice that some Find A Grave members complained that I had been sharing these long lost photographs on this site. Mind you, I get no monetary advantage for doing such a thing. The ironic thing, I have found, is that most likely some of these people are also the same people that have no problems downloading my photographs and uploading them as their own on other sites. I also happen to have enjoyed doing this small token for people that I do not even know. I have had a few people write nasty messages because I made a mistake and placed a photograph on the wrong William Smith. Chances are that did happen. Turns out I had placed a photograph on William Smith Jr and it should have been Sr. Anyway, as I said, I never intended for anyone to become angry by my hobby, but they did. I really enjoyed doing this and was always happy when I would get a message from someone even happier, because they found a photograph here of their ancestor. I simply wished to point people in the right direction in order to acquire these photographs.. I discovered once a whole sloo of my family photographs sold on an auction site that I could have recovered had I known.

I am a firm believer that every person, notable or not, should be remembered. I also hope that by posting the photographs, a family member may be able to retrieve their ancestors image. If I actually own the individual photograph, please contact me if you are a family member.

If there is a photo attached to a memorial that I placed there, please read the photo description BEFORE contacting me for more information. If you open the photo completely, you will see in the description EVERYTHING that I know about the photograph and where I found it. I rarely manipulate the portraits. What you see is the same exact thing I found, but sometimes in order to see the face, an image needs to be lightened or darkened.

I don't upload found photographs to make people angry. If YOU have a problem with a photograph posted, and I do make mistakes, simply message me that you would like the photograph removed or more information.

I search various sites for identified period photographs and frequently, Sometimes even state archive websites. I purchase many. I also spend a lot of time researching identified photographs in order to place them. All too often these photographs are sold and then disappear, where no one will ever see them again. This is simply unfortunate.

I have little patience for Find A Grave memorial collectors. Please this isn't life and death, well, yes it is actually, but not in that sense, it's a hobby.

I have been given permission to post auction photographs from Ebay by a few sellers.

If I currently manage a memorial that belongs in your family, please ask for a transfer. Please include the memorial number and your Find A Grave member number before you send a message. I will transfer memorials, however, if the memorial is a family member of mine, I will have to decline. If you have information to add to a memorial, please use the EDIT tab and do not post a personal message.

I typically manipulate the gravestone photos, that I take. I do this so that the inscription is the best it can be.

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