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I am recovering from a stroke and doing well. My right hand doesn't function well when it comes to typing, so this is slow and frustrating. Hopefully, with a little time this will improve.The best way to get my attention is to call me at 519 716 4359.
Several of my peeves. From now on I will absolutely IGNORE edits which give birth and death locations using the present day name. I will accept ONLY the historical name in effect at the time of the event. If that can't be done - FORGET IT. I would sooner leave it blank. Do as you wish on memorials you create - leave mine alone!
Now another peeve.
Plenty of persons historically never had a middle name. Sometimes they used the first letter of their mother's maiden name as an INITIAL - especially on legal documents. But they didn't necessarily use the full name.
So I would appreciate if some of you gravers would use your time more wisely and leave my memorials alone in that regard. It is true - I am getting cranky in my old age. Just humour me.
All of us are mortal.
Which is why we prepare a will to state our wishes when our time comes.
In preparing for our very certain demise, we should appoint a Steward who will look after our FaG pages if we pass on, or are somehow incapacitated.
Karen Tober, member #46901145 is my Steward.
To appoint a Steward, simply e-mail your wishes to
Expecting to be around for a while,
Allan Dettweiler


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