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My name is Marty. I live in St. Peters MO. I have a great job and a loving family. I found this web site from a link. I enjoy Find a Grave because I enjoy history. My hobbies are politics, sci-fi. I have no children, but I do have three neices and two nephews.

As my public name says I am a Republican.I support President Trump. I fully support the war on terror. And I support our men and women in uniform who are fighting and dying to keep this country safe. To quote President Bush "This battle will take time and resolve. But make no mistake about it: We will win."
"I believe that God has planted in every human heart the desire to live in freedom. And when that desire is crushed by tyranny for decades, it will rise again."
"We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we may always be free." Ronald Reagan
"We're Americans, we're Americans we'll never surrender they will." Senator John McCain.

I am PROUD to be an American. I love my country more than anything in the world. I am a Christian. I celebrate Christmas not winter holiday. I celebrate Easter not spring break. I believe in God, His only son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. I am very much pro-life. I don't believe in war, but when people come in to my country and commit acts of terror, it's time to fight back. You were with President George W. Bush in the weeks and months after Sept 11, 2001 my question is this, why not now.

I also like to travel and I do so as often as I can.

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