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Hello everyone! I am Cora Lee Reeves and I am researching the Reeves, Girard, Edmonds and Joplin family lines on my tree. All info you would like to share is very welcome.

People often ask "why document graveyards?" The thought of roaming a cemetery and gathering information seems creepy to most people. To me it's peaceful. It gives me a prospective other lack. I respect the ones who have gone before me and it brings me comfort to remember them years after they breathed their last. I can connect families in death and life.

Uniting families is a goal and the first step to finding universal peace. One day I hope to make a world tree connecting the living and the dead from across all cultural divides and borders once and for all proving with out a doubt that we are truly one people living in one world with the same hope: Peace!

I have resently moved to Lubbock, Texas and hope to find a new project to work on as well as continue my work for the Dalhart area.

I am proud to say I have finished documenting the Dalhart Cemetery. I asked City Hall for the records of all the graves they have on file which runs from as far back as the records go to 10-2012. For records more current you can call City Hall or go to the website and find who you are looking for there. If you have a loved one you think is buried in Dalhart before 1932 and I haven't made a memorial page for them, it is probably due to the court house burning to the ground in 1932 and all records were lost. You can contact the Dalhart City Hall to double check and also the court house may have a record.

Dalhart sits on the county line between Dallam and Hartley counties and there are many towns and communities in each county. This is due mostly because of the railroad. The train had to stop every ten miles so small communities formed every ten miles as the trains went farther; some of the communities died out. For the most part the graveyards in these areas were family graves yard and are now on private land and/or lost. Some remain but have not been maintained and markers have been lost. Many who have Dalhart as the burial place where somewhere in those areas. Texline, Hartley, and Channing have cemeteries still standing and in use that are confused with Dalhart as well.

Thank you for all the help and support you have shown to me and this project. I hope I help others the way they have helped me in my research.

Thank you for all the help with pictures, links, dates, places and obituaries!!! All information is welcome but please use the edit function on the memorial pages to request edits. This speeds things along and help so much! Thank you!


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