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I am a lifelong resident of the Coweta & Broken Arrow area. My family has been settled here since the early 1900s. I mainly work on personal photo & documentation projects, but I do my best to help out with any requests that I may receive. Feel free to contact me if you believe I may be of any assistance. I have projects ongoing in Northeastern Oklahoma, Northwestern Arkansas, South Central Missouri, as well as in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Montana.

For management transfers I only ask that you provide your first and last name, city/state where you live, and your exact relation to the decedent, plus a little history and information about them. If you ask for a transfer without this basic information, I'm afraid I can't help you. Also, for transfer requests or suggestions on memorials it is essential that you reach me via the Edit tab on the memorial only. You may contact me directly via email only for genealogy issues that are not related to FindAGrave. Violations of this protocol will be deleted with no reply. The new Edit page is very user friendly, so use it.

I am frequently contacted with requests to post obituary columns on my memorials. I find this activity to be a legal grey area. Newspaper articles are of any kind are copyrighted material. That being said, just because 'you' have permission from a newspaper to use an obit or other article, that doesn't give 'me' their permission to do so. I'd really rather not mess with them, but if you so strongly desire to have me post them, there are some rules I have in place now that must be followed to the letter. They are:
1] You must have the news editor of the newspaper in question email me directly granting me permission to use each article in question, and,
2] That email must contain their authentic business email signature, stating their name, title, newspaper name, phone number and email address, and,
3] After receiving the prior information I will personally contact them to verify my permission to use the article in question, and,
4] If permission to each article in question is obtained, I will post it within 30 days of the date permission is received, but,
5] The above only applies if I cannot create a legitimate bio from the information you provide from which you will be credited with providing the bio information via an inline link to your FindAGrave profile page. However, if you are not a member of FindAGrave or you do not provide your contributor ID number, no credit will be provided.
6] Be sure to read the above paragraph completely. What it says is that you may go through all the trouble of obtaining permission for me to use a newspaper article, and I may decide instead to create an actual biography from it and other resource material that is available. That is my right and my decision to make in regard to the memorials I create and manage. Accept it, embrace it and learn to love it, or just live with it, because that's just the way it is.

I do my best to send an email alert to my contacts when I schedule a photo or research trip to any cemetery or town. I don't make many of them, but I give as much advance notice as possible to allow folks to reply with any photo or research requests they may have for the area I will be visiting. So, if you wish to be added to my contact list, email me with some basic info about yourself. That would be specifically First Name, Last Name, State of Residence, and FindAGrave ID. I'll add you to my contact list, then email you to let you know that you're in. I will never give out any of your information to anyone without your permission to do so, including potential relatives.

There are a few individuals on FindAGrave that apparently do not want to be bothered with suggestions and being contacted about THEIR memorials, but they don't hesitate in contacting you in regard to yours. If you are one of those few who wish to remain anonymous then it is my wish that you stay anonymous by not contacting me. If you desire discourse then you will have to crawl out of the shadows and into the light where I can see you.

Also, please limit photo postings to my memorials to that of gravemarkers, individuals or family photos only. No obituaries, court documents, census documents or other printed records. They are not wanted and cause a memorial to look trashy. The information contained on them may be submitted to include in the biography at my discretion. Please have some respect and decency in this regard. A good deal of work goes into creating a decent memorial, only to have someone junk them up with a rogue posting.

A big thank you to all my FindAGrave friends and associates who have provided valuable information and assistance. You are highly valued and greatly admired.

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