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Historian, author, and genealogist with advanced experience in Ohio. Based in Maryland.

I have some ground rules that are reasonable:

I spend a great deal of time searching for images that go with the memorials on this site.
1) In some cases, they were given to me for use on Find A Grave alone, and those are watermarked as "Find A Grave Only".
2) Signed images, may not be copied, as the restoration of the original image is copyright protected by my legal rights as the copyright holder.
3) The unmarked images you may copy, but either ask me first or give credit. Its just basic courtesy.
4) PLEASE DO NOT decide to colorize the images that I upload to the site and then replace them into the memorials as if it is your image. I don't sneak into your house and paint the walls with lurid color combinations, do I? Do any of the other users on the site? So leave the photos I upload as they are and respect the images and those of us who do the work to find them. Find A Grave frowns on this practice, as do I.

You need to use a form of direct messaging, either Find A Grave's free system or provide an email. I do not play the game where I have to visit a specific non-related memorial and send my reply as an Edit Message. If you can't use the site system as it was intended, or an email address, the problem is yours, not mine.

Please use the memorial's EDIT feature. Edits should always be based on facts, not an idea extrapolation that seems like it should fit. Feel free to contact me on your ideas, but save the edit feature for verifiable FACTS.

FAMILY TRANSFERS: I will do family transfers in-line with Find A Grave policy. I will also transfer family members outside of the policy, but please explain your connection. Simply stating "Family transfer requested" in your message without so much as an explanation doesn't work. I want to make sure that you are interested in managing the listing and not just asking for something to puff the numbers.

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