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IMPORTANT: You will need to expand (use the READ MORE button) this profile to see how I process edits, and my feelings towards Find A Grave Friend (Following) lists.

Historian, author, and genealogist with advanced experience in Ohio. Based in Baltimore, Maryland. I like connecting people on Find A Grave, especially when it sets the record straight.

When you send me edits, your profile needs to have a way for me to reach you if I have questions about your edits that need answering. If your messages are turned off (you can message others but they can't message you), and you don't provide me with an email address, Then I won't process the edit.

Edits should be sent through the Find A Grave listing using the edit tabs. I verify all updates before making the change. If there is not enough information for me to verify your edits, I may ask for your sources. I am not doing this to be a pain, but I have received edits from people who *think* that they have one person, when in fact they don't.

I am happy to transfer people that I have added if am not descended from that person.

NOTE: Regarding my entries for Likens Cemetery in Marion County, Ohio. In 2017, it became apparent to me that in addition to years of neglect, that Likens Cemetery held more graves than were found in 1976 when the Midlams' walked the cemetery. Thus began my research using computerized databases that were not available in the 1970s. As a result of searching Ohio Death certificates and Marion Star Newspapers were able to verify that (as of March 24, 2018) there were approximately twenty additional burials that had been made but not previously recorded in a modern walking because the stones were either not present, or may have been buried. It also became apparent that a number of graves had been removed in the 1940s. We are in the process of trying to find the missing burials.

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