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Historian, author, and genealogist with advanced experience in Ohio. Based in Maryland.

I have some ground rules that are reasonable:

If you need to get a GENERAL message to me, use the Find A Grave site messaging system. Its a simple and easy way for you get messages while protecting your own personal email. Easy!

What I will not do - let me repeat this: WILL NOT DO- is play games trying to contact you through a third party non-related memorial because you are trying to hide and avoid contact with other members of the community. If you don't like getting emails, and you refuse to use their system, then you have the problem. So if you have everything on lockdown and I don't make a change you have submitted, or you send me a message, but you aren't accepting messages yourself, the onus in you, not me.

I am not trying to be difficult, volunteers like me and you are not getting paid for what we do. It simply isn't fair to play a one-sided game of hide and seek, so I am not wasting my time following your breadcrumb trail.

When you send me edits, your profile needs to have a way for me to reach you if I have questions about your edits that need answering. If your messages are turned off (you can message others but they can't message you), and you don't provide me with an email address, Then I won't process the edit. Find A Grave gives you a message service to use. I don't play games leaving messages on group memorials, or through one of your listings. It is not my job to jump through your hoops. Again, you are the one with the problem, not I.

Edits should be sent through the Find A Grave listing using the edit tabs. I verify all updates before making the change. If there is not enough information for me to verify your edits, I may ask for your sources. I am not doing this to be a pain, but I have received edits from people who *think* that they have the right person, when in fact they don't. This means John Smith gets attached to the wrong wife or the wrong children.

I will do family transfers inline Find A Grave policy. I will also transfer family members outside of the policy, but please explain your connection. Simply stating "Family transfer requested." without so much as an explanation doesn't work. Why? I want to make sure that you are interested enough to know your connection and see that you just aren't "accumulating the numbers".

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