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I am very appreciative of all the wonderful people helping me reel in my family's history. If you want a FindAGrave memorial record, please don't hesitate to ask!

Some of my known family surnames include: Amidon (Bordeaux, Acquitaine, France); Amos (England); Andrews; Atkins; Bailey; Belton (1849 Ireland); Benson (1638 England/CONFIDENCE); Bigbee; Booth (England); Bowen; Brown; Bryant; Burroughs (England); Cady; Calkins; Canby (1684 Yorkshire, England/VINE); Chapin (Paignton, Devon, England); Chappell; Cheney (England); Child (1635 England/ABIGAIL); Cole (1635 England/ABIGAIL); Conaway; Cox; Creel; Cronsberry (Ireland); Curtis; Dant; Darling; Davis; Deason (Scotland); Death; Deming (1633 Colchester, Essex, England/FORTUNE); Dewitt; Dodson; Dollis; Dolmage; Drury (England); Durham; Durst (21 Sep 1868 Warttemberg, Germany/ANNA); English; Fielder; Foote (1633 Colchester, Essex, England/FORTUNE); Frizell (1649 Scotland); Fuller (1635 Suffolk, England/ABIGAIL); Gale; Gates; Gillespie; Gough; Graham; Gray; Greenwell (1654 England); Hagger (England); Hall (1633 England/JAMES); Hall (England); Hanford (1635 Fremington, N Devon, England/PLANTER); Hawley (England); Herdman (1776 Germany-Hessian soldier); Hewson (1851 Ireland); Hibbs (1677 England/KENT); Higgs (1638 England/CONFIDENCE); Hinckley (1635 Fordwich, City of Canterbury, Kent, England/HERCULES); Hinman (19 June 1650 England/WILLIAM & GEORGE); Hitchcock (Apr 1635 England/SUSAN & ELLEN); Holland; Howell; Hoyt; Huggins; Hurlbut (28 Nov 1635 England/BACHELOR); Hutchinson (England); Jones; Lacey; Leach; LeGear; McLeod; Mallory; Manning; Mansfield; Martin**; Mattingly (1665 England); Meador (May 1636 England); Medley (England); Melrose; Meredith; Miller; Mills; Minor (1629 Chew Magna, Somerset, England/LYON'S WHELP); Mitchell (Aug 1635 England/JAMES); Moger; Monarch; Moore (Ireland); Morris; Moss (1638 Cotheridge, Worcestershire, England/HECTOR); Northfield; O'Neal (Ireland); Ormsby (1638 Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire, England/ABIGAIL); Osborn; Owings; Page; Palmer (1629 Somerset, England/FOUR SISTERS); Parker; Parr; Penn (1623 Birdham, W Sussex, England/ANNE); Penny (Paignton, Devon, England); Perkins (1635 England/ABIGAIL); Pike; Porter; Potter (1635 Lewes, Sussex, England/ABIGAIL); Randall; Robinson (1631 Leiden, Netherlands/LYON); Rose**(1634 Ipswich, Suffolk, England/FRANCIS); Rose**(Scotland); Ross; Royce (England); Rushing; Salter (Honiton On Otter, Devonshire, England); Satterlee; Shepard (08 Oct 1635 Derbyshire, England/ABIGAIL); Schumacher/Shoemaker (1752 Germany); Scott; Shotwell; Simpson**; Skinner (1635 England); Smith** (1634 Ipswich, Suffolk, England/ELIZABETH); Smith** (1630 Kent, England/WHITE ANGEL); Smoot; Soole (1635 Hawkhurst, Kent, England/HERCULES); Sparling (1849 Ireland-Irish Palatine-Refugee family originally from Rhineland Germany); Steagald (Palatine Region, Germany); Stephens; Stewart (Scotland); Stiles (16 June 1635 England/CHRISTIAN); Stockton; Stone; Tattershall (1648 England); Taylor (1667 England); Tindall; Thompson**(1641 England); Thompson**; Twiss (02 Oct 1882 Ireland/INDIANA); Upham (1635 Yettington, Devon, England); Veal; Vessels; Vogel (Germany); Walker (England); Ward; Waring; Weaver**; Webb; Wenmoth (England); Wheaton (1636 England); White; Wilder (1638 England/CONFIDENCE); Willison; Wilson.**

** Both Maternal & Paternal Side
( ) Documented Immigration

My Ancestors' Religious Beliefs Include:
ANGLICANS: The Anglican faith is a Christian denomination loosely associated with the Church of England. The word Anglican includes affiliated churches located throughout the world, as well as the Church of England itself.
BAPTISTS: Members of a Protestant Christian denomination advocating baptism only of adult believers by total immersion. Baptists form one of the largest Protestant bodies and are found throughout the world and especially in the US.
CATHOLICS: People of, relating to, or forming the church universal.
CHRISTIANS: People who profess belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ.
METHODISTS: Members of a Christian Protestant denomination originating in the 18th-century evangelistic movement of Charles and John Wesley and George Whitefield.
PRESBYTERIANS: A diverse group of churches that adhere in some degree to the teachings of John Calvin and John Knox and practice a presbyterian form of church government led by representative elders (presbyters).
PURITANS: Members of the Puritan religious group in the 16th and 17th centuries that advocated "purity" of worship and doctrine who believed in personal and group piety. Puritans were persecuted in England and came to America so they would be free to practice their religion.
QUAKERS: Quakers are members of the Religious Society of Friends, a Christian movement founded by George Fox c. 1650 and devoted to peaceful principles. Central to the Quakers' belief is the doctrine of the Inner Light or sense of Christ's direct working in the soul. This has led them to reject both formal ministry and all set forms of worship.

Interesting Familial Name Notes:

Conaway - All Irish surnames have a long, ancient Gaelic history behind them. The original Gaelic form of the name Conaway is O Conbhuidhe or O Connmhachain. The former of these names likely comes from the Gaelic word "condmach," while the latter probably comes from "cu buidhe." The root of Connmhach is possibly 'head smashing'.

Death - This surname emerged among the industrious people of Flanders (Dutch-speaking northern portion of Belgium), which was an important trading partner and political ally of Britain during the Middle Ages. Flemish surnames frequently are prefixed by de la or de le, which mean 'of the' or 'from the'. The Death family originally lived in the town of Ath in Belgium. There it would have been rendered D'Ath, or De Ath, meaning from Ath. It was also occasionally an occupational name for a gatherer or seller of kindling.

Dolmage - Has a history dating as far back as the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It was a name for a person who habitually wore a knapsack or other type of pack carried on the back. The surname Dolmage is derived from the Old French word talemache, which means knapsack. Nickname surnames often referred to the bearer's favored style of clothing.

Gough - Derived from the Welsh word "coch," which means "red." Gough was originally a nickname for a ruddy or red-complexioned person.

Hagger - Pictish-Scottish name Hagger comes from the Gaelic form Mac-an-t-sagairt, which means son of the priest.

Holland - May be an anglicization of the Irish language surname Ó hUallacháin (sometimes anglicized as Houlihan and Holohan).

Leach - Rooted in the ancient Anglo-Saxon (Germanic inhabitants of England between the 5th century and the Norman Conquest) culture. It is a name for someone who worked as a doctor. Throughout the Middle Ages, doctors were known as "leaches" as the practice of bleeding sick people was the generally accepted manner of curing them.

Moger - The name is of medieval French/German origin and is derived from the Old French "Maugier", the Old German "Malger", meaning council-spear.

Taylor - A surname used in the British Isles of French origin which came from the Norman occupational surname (meaning tailor) in France. derived from the Old French tailleur ("cutter"), which derived from the Catalan Tauler meaning cutting board, or the Galician Tello meaning tile.

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