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So far, my ancestry is Polish, Ukrainian, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, French/French Canadian, Swedish, and Wolfman.

And maybe some Dutch and Jewish.

And it's beginning to look like a tincture of Spanish and White Russian.

And maybe one more Nobody talks about.

I've been involved with genealogy, officially, since October 1995.

In February 2002, I happened upon this site whilst working on my connections with the Shoults family (located predominately in Missouri and adjoining St. Clair Co., IL)...and I've added to it, bit by bit, over the years.

My great-grandmother was Blanche Martha [Shoults] Maurer, her father was Joseph Alonzo Shoults, his father was Jacob Israel Shoults, his father was George Shoults (Sr.), and his father was Christophe...or some similar first name...Shoults. He spelled the name the German way, Schultz, with an umlaut over the u: Schültz.

With George and his brothers' generation, it became Shoults, which we've assumed is due to the number of French/French-Canadian women who married into this Carondelet-area family.

Anyway, I've long since branched out on this site to cover many, many other lines, from Fayetteville, TN (where I was born) to Grand Chain, IL (where I merely, briefly, trod) and on to the Old Country (where I used to live).

I've also worked on the history of some friends' families and have focused on some topics, such as the Flying Circus Crash in the 1930's in Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., TN. Wanted the victims, "perps," and near-victims in one spot. ;)

One more example is Theatre/Musical people who have been associated with the arts in the Huntsville, Madison Co., AL area. Many of these, in fact most, were my personal friends.

Life as a genealogist...?

Well, I'm told it's one of my top five "callings."

p.s.: By the way, have you noticed how snitty some of these volunteers can be? Thank goodness for the Majority.

p.p.s.: Family names include:


And then some...those are my 16 great-great-grandparents' surnames.

Incidentally, I have created virtual cemeteries for several of my friends' families...Gee, Prentice, Troy...and others I think some people will appreciate.

Class of 1979, Lee High School (Huntsville); Huntsville Theatre Peeps; and one I just call "Friends of the Fam"...which is to say, just what it implies.


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