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All requests of changes are to be done through the edit system.

I've disabled my wall and email because there is always That Guy who doesn't play nice. That Guy is any gender. That Guy spoils book endings. That Guy talks loud in movie theaters. That Guy doesn't cover his or her cough. That Guy eats your lunch from the workplace fridge. That Guy is brave behind a keyboard, is unkind online, and wears polyester brown bossy pants. Dont be a That Guy...or wear bossy pants.

Apologies for the inconvenience to those who are kind, generous, and awesome enough to follow the Terms of Service.

I will not respond to errant requests. Thank you for understanding.

Some of my decade old memorials do not conform to current FindAGrave guidelines. There is a good reason.

1) Ive been a FAGraver for over a decade. Go me! I loved contributing. Even though I'm not a stay at home mom anymore.

2) Not all guidelines are over a decade old.

3) Spreadsheet submissions were not always upper/lower case friendly.

4) If you need to go through all my submissions and fix them via the edit system. Bless your OCD heart, and go right ahead.

I adhere to Terms of Service. If I made a duplicate posting, Ill be happy to remove mine.

I adhere to Terms of Service.

I adhere to Terms of Service.

IF you are here to contribute and help, it would help to read Terms of Service. You are special but hopefully not with a special sense of entitlement. This is supposed to be fun and collaborative!

As my once second grader sagely stated, "Its their website. That makes them the boss, Applesauce."

I follow copyright laws, too.

If you finally read down to the bottom here, you win the internet and if we were neighbors, Id bake you a cake.

Thank you for being awesome. Peace, love, and recycle.

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